Nobody doesn’t dislike Dickie Fuld

Our North Street resident is apparently having a hard time finding anyone who wants to hire him as a consultant. I know of no former Lehman folks who think much of him.


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10 responses to “Nobody doesn’t dislike Dickie Fuld

  1. Anonymous

    Heard he was working with some other ex-financial guys on starting a PE fund to buy up shared services from banks and sell back as outsourced services

  2. A Friend of the Fulds

    “I feel sick. That’s been his whole life,” said Rep. Livvy Floren, R-149th District, a friend of Fuld. “You know his heart and soul is in that.”

    Floren said Fuld and his wife, Kathleen, have been active members of the community and have generously contributed to groups such as the Greenwich High School PTA and Greenwich Country Day School, where their children spent their early years. They have opened their North Street home to parties for the GHS field hockey team, she said.

    The couple has twin daughters, one of whom went to GHS and the other went to The Taft School, a boarding school in Watertown, and a son who went to Brunswick School in town.

    “I’ve just always found them to be really delightful people, so low-key and unassuming,” said Floren, a former president of the GHS PTA. “I really feel so badly.”

    [Neil Vigdor. Greenwich Time. Greenwich, Conn.: Sep 16, 2008. pg. A.4]

  3. IDAHO

    If he can buck 100# hay bales,pile brush,dig post holes, build fence,split wood and stay out of the saloon, (except Saturday nights) I may have some work for him in the fall!! I’ll keep him in mind………

  4. Anonymous

    It’s that face: it’s that nasty-looking, ghoulish expression that does it, a face that only a Livvy Floren could love.

  5. JD

    Off topic: Anyone know what’s going to go where Bella Nonna was located? Saw a bunch of green fencing being put up yesterday…

  6. HG

    You might as well blame Jimmie Stewart for the run on Bailey Savings & Loan. Have you ever looked at his clientele in the run-on-the-bank scene? Subprime if I ever saw one. And talk about overleveraged. Fuld was a big boy, and he played tough when he was at the top, so he’ll get no tears from me. However, the idea that he should go to jail for Lehman’s failure is irresponsible nonsense.

  7. Hibiscus

    In addition to the Bella Nonna site, anyone know what is going in where the restaurant Ku was before? Down two good restaurants in the neighborhood.

    • I hear that KU is being converted into drive-in space for the people’s Bank next door. I’d heard rumors that Chase had rethought its plans for building at Belladona but, if they have construction fencing up, probably not. Of course, it’s possible that Fudrucker and Krumeich are planning to build the next Greenwich Democrat headquarters there.