Who said Obama can’t create “green” jobs?

New emission rules should wipe out Mercedes sales by 2014.


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4 responses to “Who said Obama can’t create “green” jobs?

  1. anon

    I wonder if the idiot will impose the same fuel economy standards on SUV’s? Currently, if you drive a car that gets 15mpg, you pay a “gas guzzler” tax. But if you drive a Range Rover that gets 12mpg, you don’t pay the tax because it’s considered a “light truck”. So all the current law does is encourage people who might have bought the luxury sedan to buy an even less fuel efficient SUV. It’s a joke. I am convinced that only dumb people work in DC.

  2. Anonymous

    anon: Your conviction bears out…

    Now, what will all those Wall Street Obama donors drive out to the Hamptoons, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard on the weekends? Ooops, they fly there in those evil private jets; nevah mind!

  3. Swanton

    Why would anyone be impressed by a Mercedes or a Range Rover in the first place? Nothing particularly special about those marques. Aren’t they what the help drive in Greenwich?

  4. Anon

    Range Rover really is a piece of shit. Among the least reliable vehicles on the road.