18 million gallons to water a six-acre Hampton estate?

Okay, I’m a free market libertarian and all that but doesn’t this seem … excessive?


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7 responses to “18 million gallons to water a six-acre Hampton estate?

  1. The “if I can afford it, why not have it” mentality in this world drives me crazy.
    When will people learn?????

  2. OG Reader

    Terrible waste of the LI aquifer system. It’s not going to last forever:

  3. just_looking

    Can’t they drill a separate well for irrigation?
    Can’t water bills be progressive, like income taxes?

    • Just Looking, a separate well is still draining from the same aquifer, so I’m inclined to think the owner is taking more than his “fair share”, however one might define that term.

  4. Peg

    I’m with EOS. For some, apparently nothing suceeds like ungodly excess.

  5. fred 3

    Before gross generalization. I’d opt for the well feature myself. I wonder what percent of irrigation would repatriate, evaporate, photosythesize, run off, and or end up in a storm drain?

  6. anon

    can you say mispriced externality.