A contract and a sale

14 Meadow

The biggest first, I suppose. 14 Meadow, off of Zaccheus Mead, has a contract – last asking price was $38 million. This was George Scott’s old property, 14.5 acres that felt like Vermont but just minutes from downtown. The sellers paid $8 million plus for the land, tore down the house and spent the past couple of years building this 15,000 sq. ft. home. You never know what goes into a decision to sell but I do often wonder at folks who put this much effort into a project and then sell when it’s finally done. None of my business, I’m just curious.

22 Will Merry sold for $2.5 million. Owners paid $2.4 for it in 2003 and did a major renovation.


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10 responses to “A contract and a sale

  1. I just don’t get why anyone would want a 15,000 sf home. It goes against all that is right with the world, in family bonding, in conspicuous consumption, in when is too much too much, in about every aspect of life that I hold dear.

  2. Hey

    It’s actually pretty nicely done. Hard to read the plans since they used rather low resolution for the pdf, but outside of a few quibbles with the layout and flow it seems to be well done. We all can come up with examples of far, far worse. The size is definitely for someone who wants to entertain hundreds of their newest, dearest friends, but it’s reasonable for a family if you just look at the bedrooms, kitchen, family room, and library.

    You would need a team of gardeners to take care of the lawn – looks big enough to tee off from the pool deck with a driver. If it was flat you could have your own polo grounds.

    What I don’t get is how in the hell they thought that they’d get $38M for it. $20, sure, but almost 40?

  3. TraderVic

    I like the portion of the town taxes that they pay. As I recall EOS, that was the main reason you were thinking about moving to Gwich.

  4. Anonymous

    sale price?

  5. Swanton

    The pool house looks about the right size. Call it a waterfront property.

  6. Vic: you are right, Leaving NY tax load was Reason 1. When I found out that replacing or bettering what I have in Bedford would cost me four arms and three legs, the math didn’t make any sense. Tough, because I found exactly what I wanted – a ramshackle of a place in need of a bulldozer.

    I’m with Swanton, the pool house suits me to a tee.

  7. Anon

    Chris, 27 million? your guess is way too low. If I were to guess I would say $34 million.

    • Well it’s a tough one to evaluate, Anon. I wouldn’t be flabbergasted to see it fetch $34. But I’d have started bidding at maybe $25 and seen how eager the sellers were to unload it.