A new Riverside listing that might be of interest to you

15 Field Road just came on, asking $1.295. It’s a 1936 house and is listed as an “estate sale” which, sadly, means no one’s done anything to it for a long time. But Field’s a great road, there’s room to blow this house out from its present 2,000 sq. ft. and I think you could do well on this one. I work with a number of young families that simply want nothing to do with “a project”, but there’s opportunity here.


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24 responses to “A new Riverside listing that might be of interest to you

  1. not so anonymouse

    Send this to David…

  2. Swanton

    That sounds like a darn good house. Has a great price and you say it’s on a good street. Why people feel they need a granite and stainless kitchen is beyond me. Actually, it’s so last century as is a formica and white appliance kitchen. Both could use updates.
    I hope a nice, young couple buys the house with the intention of staying and renovates the place over time. Live in the place and when you know your patterns that’s the time to redo the kitchen and baths.

  3. Cos Cobber

    3-2-1- is it now under contract? it should be at that price for that location.

    • It just came on, CC but, in all modesty and readily admitting that I can be way off on some houses’ pricing, I can usually call Riverside, and I think this one will go very quickly. (Which really just means that I tip my hat to listing agent Bobbie Hopkins, who set the price).

  4. Swanton, you are two for two. One of my biggest pet peeves is watching people gut a house before they’ve even lived in it – that’s when you know the homeowner has more money than brains. You HAVE to get a feel for the home and let it speak to you or else it’s nothing but walls and floors.

  5. Waterfront

    Is this listing in Cos Cob or Riverside? There are Field Rd(s) in Riverside and Cos Cob

  6. Anonymous

    I am usually one to agree with Swanton- I wish more people felt that way. BUT- this house is a tear down if I ever saw one. I think land is worth no more than 1 million but I don’t always understand the Riverside mentality.

    • Field should support $2.8, $3 million new construction, so negotiate on the land, spend $1.4 ish on a new house, and you’re in good shape. Or live in it as is, and you’re on a terrific street in a great part of Riverside for not a whole lot of money (all things being relative).

  7. Curious

    Chris, what is the best way to monitor pending sales or contracts? I know you have Greenwich covered in that regard but how would one do that for towns in Westchester county. Thanks

  8. Just_looking

    @ CF, when someone wants specific information on a list (like is it in Riverside or OG) then they should hire you (yes, I mean you waterfront).

    Be very careful with these questions because “why pay for the cow, if the milk is free”.
    Ask for a buyers agreement ( or whatever you call them) for as short as a day if you want, but get in the practice of asking for it.

  9. enjoy!

    it’s a non-conforming lot…need to be proceed with caution with all of the nonsense going on in p&z

  10. Hey

    Swanton & EOS

    2k sqft is tiny – anything short of a dozer job is just burning money, especially with an estate sale. This is a frequent problem I’ve had – houses that need work are priced at land value to a developer rather than at a number that allows the purchaser to rehab the existing structure.

    As to waiting to renovate – it all depends on the condition. If the house has been done within the last 15 years (in most cases) I’d agree about living with the house to see what needs to change. Further out and you simply have to do a full refresh. From much past experience of living through renovation/construction doing a back to the studs (or worse) project before you move in is far better than living through a project or moving out for however many months it takes.

    I’d also fully support the continued popularity of granite & stainless steel. They’re highly functional materials that wear very well. I do love the look of white and grey marble in kitchens but marble is simply a very expensive repair waiting to happen. While it may seem too popular now there are solid reasons driving the demand, in contrast to the avocado fads of years gone by.

  11. Anonymous

    @ Just_looking,
    I suspect it was a question posed out of curiousity, it was difficult to find online because realtor.com only shows houses on the even numbered side of the street. I finally found it on zillow by looking up the house for sale at 24 Field and then used the map to pick out the house at 15.

    FWIW, the listing description says that it’s FAR allowable (?) to 3600+ sft.

  12. Looking in Riverside

    I’ll take a look, but I don’t want to do work either. I’d rather have a move in condition home for under $3mm. 15 Field Road is in Cos Cob…yuck. Pass.

  13. CF-Your map of Greenwich is distorted with the Cos Cob,Greenwich and Riverside boundaries skewed.

  14. Anonymous

    CF- It was Saul Steinberg…How do you expect to ever get a listing from the “fringe neighborhoods” like Sachem Road that has houses that close in sometimes less than 3 days. I was approached in Porcellis to sell my house direct for 1.7MM about 5 years ago from a drive by who saw me in the front lawn.You need to get over it and move on!

  15. It was actually Saul Steinberg.How do you ever expect to get a listing from “fringe neighborhoods ” like Sachem Road where houses sell in 3 days.I was approached in Porcellis about 5 years ago and offered 1.7MM from a drive by who saw me in the front lawn. You need to get over it and move on!!!

  16. CF-You said that the nieghborhood had the “look,smell and feel” of Cos Cob!