Well of course it’s done on purpose, Ed

(Many-times) defeated Democrat Ed Krumeich wants to redraw our districting lines to give him and my pal Fudrucker a chance at actually winning an election. Ed’s got a perfectly valid point but then there would be no Republicans in Hartford and the state would fall apart. No, Ed, you’ll just have to move to Naugatuck.


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6 responses to “Well of course it’s done on purpose, Ed

  1. Cos Cobber

    Yes, just what we need, to give the super majority another seat in Hartford…like that has done anything for anyone unless you are a state employee, then JACKPOT!

  2. ff

    I wish people would do some real analysis and not just assume things not in evidence. First, the redrawn districts would actually move Ed Krumeich OUT of Fred Camillo’s district, so leave out that canard. Second, Fred Camillo’s district would actually become MORE Republican. It is Livvy Floren who would pick up more Stamford voters due to the requirement of 23,700 citizens per district, thus become more Democratic. The 150th shoreline district becomes slightly more Democratic, but still has a healthy Republican majority.
    So enough with the complain first, never ask questions later mentality. It is good for Greenwich
    Our goal was to fix the ridiculous Republican gerrymandering of years past, where things were done to put Dolly Powers in a different district, for example. All intra-Republican shenanagans, where downtown had all three representatives there, Chickahominy and Riverside were cut in two for no reason, and we even put Cos Cob back together in our plan. If anyone is even slightly curious, in order to get Cos Cob back together, my house is now out of the more compteitive 150th, and I eagerly put my neighborhood back into Cos Cob and Fred Camillo’s district.

  3. Georgie in Greenwich

    I agree with Ed to rectify this obvious gerrymandering.

    And, while we are at it, can we go to the other parts of CT that are gerrymandered for the Dems….seems what fair is fair.

  4. Georgie in Greenwich


    Or we could Bridgeport it—and give it back to Malloy to fix.