Which is why Connecticut has spent nothing on smoking cessation programs

Arizona has too few smokers. The great “tobacco settlement” was supposed to devote millions to get smokers to quit and save states the expense of treating their health woes in later years. Connecticut did nothing of the sort because, clearly, our legislature knows a cash cow when it sees one (tobacco tax revenues far outweighed medicare costs, even before the recent tax increases, a fact that was deliberately excluded from the trial as inadmissible).


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4 responses to “Which is why Connecticut has spent nothing on smoking cessation programs

  1. Pinzgauer

    Why would they? Instead they keep milking the addicted herd to the tune of another 50 cents per pack as of July. 1st. Which I believe brings the taxes per pack to about $8.

  2. anonymous2

    Could it be that it is not that Arizona has too few smokers, but rather too few idiots willing to pay the $2.00 per pack state tax. After all, they can cross the state line into California and pay 87 cents or Nevada and pay 80 cents. The shakedown artists in Hartford should take note.

  3. fred 3

    Indian Reservations

  4. HG

    Realistically, the cigarette taxes are probably close to maxing out. They are going to tax your soda, burritos and big macs next. To paraphrase Uncle Milt Friedman: the problem with people who don’t believe in free markets is not that they don’t believe in markets; it is that they don’t believe in freedom. The world would be better off if Karl Marx had lived and written his drivel before my man James Madison wrote the US Constitution. We have sorely missed an amendment guaranteeing commercial freedom.