Does Greenwich need a new boat, even a “free” one?

Our police and Selectmen think so, others have their doubts. The feds will return some of our stolen money by buying us a $600,000 emergency response vessel but then we’re on our own for maintaining and manning it (the police say they can shift existing officers without adding any). I think we have enough toys.


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8 responses to “Does Greenwich need a new boat, even a “free” one?

  1. Stanwich

    Enough toys is right. Mark my words, in ten years there will be a major appropriation request to refurbish this boat at a cost of more than the purchase price.

  2. Demmerkrat Patriot

    I would like to see the grant proposal …. based on what rationale was the grant awarded to Greenwich? Something is missing here ….

  3. Demmerkrat Patriot

    “Greenwich Harbor is the most visited international port in the state of Connecticut,” said Daniel Warzoha, the town’s emergency management director and a former fire chief. “That provides a unique security risk.”

    I call shenanigans!

    As a port, Bridgeport and New Haven have oil terminals. Bridgeport also has a ferry.

    New London? Can you say sub base? Ferries?

  4. fred 3

    $600,000 not. Would probably sell on Ebay for $125,000

    However, if The Town ofGreenwich stopped man-ing and sold off some of the other police boats in its arsenal, the boat would be a good addition

  5. Playtime

    Play on the water as a cop for 20 yrs then get a pension for life and continue to play on the water. What a careless way to waste our money. I am looking for rebel leaders to stop this spending nonsense.

  6. OG Reader

    Nice reporting by the Greenwich Time:
    “Greenwich would be getting its first-ever fire boat, one supporters say a recent fuel spill off Belle Haven demonstrates a need for in town.”

    Wasn’t that the same “spill” that was completely contained in the boat’s bilge? As reported by the Greenwich Time earlier in the week “No fuel spilled into Greenwich Harbor, Gardner said.

    A third ship seems a bit of a luxury with two virtually brand new ships prowling the water already. Maybe sell the $219,0000 boat just bought in ’09 and/or the older ’02 boat and pocket the change?

  7. Georgie in Greenwich

    I find it amusing to say that we don’t want to offend the feds in not accepting their generous gift…..why not? We simply tell the feds we are a fiscally responsible town and we insist that they be so, too. We ask the feds stop the wasteful federal boondoggle spending (which are our tax dollars after all) and concentrate on job growth and balancing our budget.

    I agree with the first posting… for the renovation appropriation and/or personnel, maintenance, fuel costs, etc etc before you know it—this sweet deal is an anchor on local operating safety spending.

  8. Just_looking

    Even if there are no additional person ell (which I know is not true) why divert any more resources from where they a currently needed, to out on the water? Otherwise, if there is an abundance of personnel so that some cabe spared for th new boat, why not review the current head count?