I keep saying, this is when the revolution will start

The incandescent bulb is dead. I’ve been predicting this revolution for at least three years (search this blog for “CFLs”) but I’m telling you, when the average American discovers that he can no longer buy a light bulb that works, he’s going to discover exactly how far his government has intruded into his life and will go apeshit. The 15% ethanol requirement that ruins his lawnmower’s engine will just be icing on the cake.


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4 responses to “I keep saying, this is when the revolution will start

  1. Wait until Nancy Pelosi has to check her botox applications in a mirror lit with a CFL. She’ll rue the day she blocked passage of this bill. CFL’s are about as unflattering a light source as one can imagine. And this HYSTERICAL Tonight Show clip says I’m not alone in my sentiment.


  2. Fred2

    Did you catch the part about how several CAR companies, ford and Toyota have stated that using 15% ethanol will void their warranties.

  3. OG Original

    Chris, I’m a huge fan of the blog, especially the real estate parts. On the light bulb thing, though, respectfully, I think you’ve gone a little off the deep end. First of all, we will still be able to buy incandescent light bulbs if we want. There are other alternatives too. I’m with you, I hate those effing CFL bulbs too and I won’t buy them. And government’s general overreach is clearly well-established (although to be fair, Bush signed this into law, not “Obummer”). But based on the rhetoric (hey, it’s your blog, I know) you’d think we were all going back to candlelight, or the Stone Age or something. Anyway, my 2 cents. Keep up the good blog. More info: http://www.elightbulbs.com/lighting-blog/Clarifying-The-Light-Bulb-Legislation-Banning-Inefficient-Light-Bulbs