Nothing on the open house tour today worth noting

Nor in sales or contracts, as of 1:30. Maybe later in the day, and I’ll check. Until then, if you’re in the $750,000 range or cheap rentals, there’s some activity. Not denigrating that end of the market (hell, that’s my market!) but readers seem more interested in the higher end and for that … bupkis.


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6 responses to “Nothing on the open house tour today worth noting

  1. fred 3

    CF: In Greenwich, what is the dollar amount of a “cheap rental”?

  2. Chief Awopaho

    According to fire dept regs a 700 sq ft apt could house 6 or more adult persons.

  3. Good luck finding a rental in Greenwich for $2,500. It’s like Manhattan – for that price you get a toilet, not much more. The $5000 range would get you something decent but not grand. The biggies are in the $25,000+ neighborhood. Unfurnished. But don’t forget, alot of companies give new employees moving into town a monthly stipend for the first year.

  4. Don’t disagree with your assessment, EOS, but Fred 3 asked specifically what a “cheap” rental was, which is where I came up with that figure.

  5. anon

    did you knock over any lampposts that didn’t move out of the way?