The personal chef, however, will stay


Jim Himes at his second job

Malloy announces first round of layoffs.


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7 responses to “The personal chef, however, will stay

  1. Sebastian

    Politics hipocrisy. Yet I still heart CT.

    • Well Sebastian I must confess that I was riffing on the Minnesotan governor – so far as I know, Malloy has no personal chef, unless Fudrucker comes over to the house to cook wieners.

  2. fred 3

    nice picture! is that malloy in the background?

  3. Duff

    I know it’s easier to knock Malloy about that concede that maybe, maybe he is on the right track and at least trying to get the state on a solid footing after the “lame duck” era of his predecessor. There is no easy way to fix our state and to please everyone while doing it.
    I was impressed with the way he handled himself and his responses on CNBC the other morning.

  4. Founding Father

    Forbes ate his lunch. Dannel is a phoney.

  5. Duff

    Are you kidding me? Forbes looked like a buffoon and had no come back to Malloy. I challenge anyone to watch that video and not see Malloy as the winner.

  6. As I See It

    The result of layoff will be massive unemployment claims.
    We will then pay those state xemployees for doing nothing at home
    While before we paid them for doing nothing at work