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Fire at will, Gridley

Bombs away!

I’m still a lawyer, goddammit, and I can figure out free speech issues as necessary. If Amazon can ship CFL light bulbs to consumers, then surely we constituents can send a few to our representatives in Washington. So let’s do it! I’m sending along this post to some of my more influential friends on the Internet, like Walter Olson at Cato Institute and of course the peerfesser at Instapundit, but any of you folks with Facebook pages who want to join in, please do so. I ask again – what will Washington do with a million “toxic” light bulbs? they’ll have to evacuate the city! Such fun.

If we can make this a national movement, there’s no need to dig up our individual Senator’s address. Just send a bulb or two to the Hart Building.  They may have to forward the packages to the reps at their Montana summer retreats but my guess is that everyone will run screaming from the building, leaving the light bulbs to await for the senators’ return this fall. Go for it.

UPDATE: Cool! Instapudit has mentioned this Alice’s Restaurant movement. So dig up your damned CFLs (a failed one would be most appropriate but I toss mine, mercury and all, into the trash so I’ll have to send a working model) and mail away. I’m going to ask at the post office, discretely, whether they have a hazmat sticker I can affix. Wouldn’t that cause some consternation at the Hart Building?


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As long as it’s someone else who’ll be paying

Poll: 80% of Americans support higher taxes. I respect my fellow Americans, but not their mathematical skills.


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“No son, it be because you 18 – years-old”

Punchline to a joke I can’t possibly post here, but if you’ve heard it, you might be amused. Anyway, 22-year-old poses as a 15-year-old student and becomes a high school basketball star.


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Send a CFL to your senator?

The House has voted to extend the life of the incandescent bulb for a year, but I read that the bill is dead in the Senate. A year or so ago I suggested that we all mail a CFL bulb to our Congressmen but then I worried that, under EPA regulations, I’d be exposing readers to charges of terrorism and sending hazardous materials through the mail. Any of you real lawyers care to hazard (so to speak) an opinion here? Can we flood Washington with these useless light bulbs? It sure would be fun.

UPDATE: A million CFLs delivered to Washington would, under EPA guidelines on hazmat materials, paralyze the city – a great result, obviously, but I don’t want anyone arrested by the feds so hold off on this, for now – I’m seeking legal advice.

UPDATE II: I’m not hearing back from the guy I emailed. So Monday, I think I’ll mail off a CFL, clearly labelled and padded, to our junior Senator Dick  Blumenthal and see what happens. Hell, it’s looking like a dull summer, so why not cool my heels in New Haven federal court?  If they let me blog from the court house (or holding pen), it could be interesting.


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No sales, no contracts of note

Pretty dull days here in the Greenwich market. Another price cut on that failing condo project on Sound View Drive in Greenwich, but is that news? I think not. There is some activity under the surface, which I know because I’m involved with some of it, but if we’re going to see results, wait til next week. For now, there’s just not much going on.

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Great article on the Roger Clemens farce

That author picks up on the complete failure to indict tobacco executives and financial biggies lying under oath, but adds the extra that I missed: every Congressman who ever posed and preened before a Congressional hearing (that would be every single one of the lying bastards) should also be under indictment.

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Terminal case of self-importance or onset of Alzheimer’s?

Surgeon arrested after stealing candy from a baby. His defense? “Do you know who I am?”. The victim (a movie theater chain that happens to be owned by one of my clients) can probably survive the loss of a four-buck box of M&Ms, but what’s with this guy’s Martha Stewart defense?  He’s just old enough that he might want to either consult with his Rabbi or a neurologist or both. Something’s wrong here.


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Nice guy, no taste

Regis to hold benefit tonight. Not to try to sell his house on Meeting House Road, to my surprise, but to raise money for Greenwich Hospital (they need money? Why don’t they cut the salary of Frank Corvino?). In any case, here’s my real estate tip of the day: don’t buy a house from Warner Wolf. Regis did and got what he deserved, good and hard.


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So why worry about the three R’s?

Asia may eat our lunch but our children will know their gay history. Oh, and we have a fluoride swish and spit program, too.


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Chase Carey

I don’t mean to give the impression that Chase and I are still in regular contact. He was my very closest friend when we were kids and then he moved away and the last time I spoke with him, after a hiatus of maybe 25 years, was back in the late 90’s, when I asked his permission to name a character in one of my novels after him (permission granted). That said, it’s still fun to see someone I spent almost every day of my life with many years ago do well. Reader Petitit sent along this Hollywood Reporter article and of course I found it fascinating.

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She must be a certain washed-up TV starlet

Woman reneges on promise to give pony to little girl

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Hey, it’s worked before with the Brooklyn Bridge


Maybe to the Chinese?

U.S. considers selling assets to cover default.


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