Nice guy, no taste

Regis to hold benefit tonight. Not to try to sell his house on Meeting House Road, to my surprise, but to raise money for Greenwich Hospital (they need money? Why don’t they cut the salary of Frank Corvino?). In any case, here’s my real estate tip of the day: don’t buy a house from Warner Wolf. Regis did and got what he deserved, good and hard.


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  1. pulled up in OG

    Doozy of a letter to the editor today. Guy goes to the emergency room (Stamford) for a dog bite, gets stitched up and the first rabies shot.

    $29 grand, but we’ll settle for $1500 from your insurance co.

  2. bc

    they could fire him instead of cutting his salary.

  3. Corvino is a waste

    Get rid of Bruce Molenelly, the Cheif of the Quack Doctors. He must have absolutely no standards for approving doctors. The doctors on staff are always in the papers. One or two OK, but 5 or 6 notorious jerk doctors? This Molenelli is supposed to be minding the storing, sounds like he is asleep on the job.

    There is no justification for Corvino’s 1.2 million a year salary. They could do better for less. And why do people want to contribute to the place? Serious need for attention and too much money to waste. The place wastes money on stupid PR pieces instead of dumping half the providers who are questionable. Corvino, if examined, is a poor choice to lead the place. He is a do nothing drunk. Please stop feeding these pigs with money!

  4. dogwalker

    Corvino is a waste,

    I believe it is you who have posted several times about Bruce, and never spell his last name correctly. I love the guy. What is your beef with him?

  5. dogwalker

    pulled up in OG,

    That is a rather extreme case, but the practice is one of things that pushes me to Obamacare. It’s not enough that the uninsured are uninsured – but they get stuck with proportionately larger bills. (Yeah, I know cynics, many are never paid.)

    But even being insured doesn’t make one immune. About 5 years ago I had several procedures done during one surgical session. One of the procedures is most commonly vanity plastic surgery. I was assured that it was medically necessary so insurance would cover it. They did not. Short story – the doctor’s thugs were threatening me to collect $5,800 to cover the procedure; the amount billed and rejected by the insurance company for the procedure – $390. (Yes – fifty eight hundred dollars versus three hundred ninety dollars.) How much did they get? zero, zilch, nada. Ends up the insurance company had notified the physician in advance that they would not cover it. Aaahhh, I love that one of my siblings married a lawyer. It DOES come in handy. Lawyer versus thugs . . . you know whose gonna win!

  6. CF, what’s wrong with Warner’s/ Regis’ house? Curious reader wants to know.

  7. Greenwich and the Yale New Haven Health System are wasting sixty four million dollars on a hospital records system called Epic. They already had a records system in place but they need to waste more money.

    Maybe that’s why reg is hosting a party.

    • As an outside observer, Canuck, I agree. But when I showed up on Washington’s Birthday this February suffering from a heart attack I was treated immediately, transferred to Yale New Haven the next day and they saved my life. Hard to take a cold, hard objective look after that. But still….

  8. Greenwich Gal

    If Greenwich Hospital got rid of that total morally corrupt cheeseball Corvino, I might start donating again.

  9. wasted

    Hospital morale is low. The people they put in charge dont clean up the bad doctors who walk around like gods. When so many quacks float on the pond like ducks, look to the top. The Chief of Staff has held job for years and his doctors are stinking up the place. Sometimes the top guy should step down so better people came run the place. They are paid well enough. Hire talent. Not country clubbers. Mollinelli may have to go. Corvino is way over paid. Dump them. They can not get tops i any ranking in most state surveys. They survive on donations in the wealthy town. Examine the audits. Where is the money going.

  10. pulled up in OG

    Bruce is Dr. Molinelli. He’s a nice guy and an excellent surgeon.
    Also happens to be chief of staff at Greenwich Hospital.

  11. Chris,
    The Yale System clinicians are fantastic. They are the best in the world. The IT people, on the otherhand are overpaid money wasting redundant deadwoods who are still wasting $64,000,000.00 to replace a system that is doing what it is supposed to do, point of need electronic health records. You would not believe the redundant IT people in the system.

  12. dogwalker

    Oh, la, la! I was not looking to get bitten!!!

    Yeah, pulled up in OG got it. Bruce Molinelli is a general surgeon. At various times he has been Chief of Surgery and/or Chief of Staff. He held one of those positions at the time the Dr. Rubin (the plastic surgeon with recurrent drug addiction issues . . . allegedly) thing blew up. And there were a number of posts here like “Corvino is a waste”‘s and “wasted”‘s pointing at Molinelli as being responsible. Like these posts, he/she/they seemed to believe that the Chief of Staff position included hands-on supervision and hiring and firing physicians, which is not exactly true, the way I understand it.

    I cannot claim to be objective either. Molinelli saved my life . . . more than once.

    Is Greenwich Hospital top notch? With so many larger hospitals in the state, how could it ever be, no matter who is Chief of Staff? It has come a long way since I was younger. Goodness, a Kathy Lee Gifford would NEVER have had her baby at Greenwich Hospital when I was young. She would have been in a NYC hospital. Well . . . come to think of it . . . is that an endorsement?

  13. Pulled Up Should Wake Up

    Nice guys finish last. I thought Greenwich Hospital had a crappy reputation in the 70’s. Maybe the lack of internet covered up news. Greenwich Time never reported much back then. The Brownell’s who founded the place are rolling over in the graves. The working class of the hospital are embarrassed by the top brass. Your Bruce friend gets along cause he goes along. His surgery partner boss wife realtor got him nice digs in Milbrook, why should he make waves. Unfornutately, the docs from Rubins to Berkin and Anderson and the OB guy have made Greenwich Hospital a joke. I agree on Corvino or better Corvin-GO. The buck do not stop with your Bruce either. Same old boy game. Get rid of them bums. Get fresh blood in the place. Brownell’s deserve better.

  14. pulled up in OG

    Dogwalker – I see a mention of “elected chief of staff by his colleagues at Greenwich Hospital.”

  15. Low Standards

    That guy Molnelli above was elected by his “peers”. With Rubins and others, that is not saying much. GHA is one weak organization. Amazing the salaries those people in top jobs get for what they really produce.

  16. dogwalker

    I’ve been attempting to dig up what the “Chief” jobs are specifically at Greenwich Hospital. It varies, evidently, but generally is one of acting as liaison between physicians and hospital administration. I got the impression some years back from someone else who was chief of department that they were not terribly desirable positions; and it does not sound too spiffy to me. Might be better to spend more time even with Greenwich patients rather than that.

    Anderson does not warrant being grouped with the others, in my view. He got in trouble, he underwent treatment, he stayed clean. He also happened to be a good doctor, evidenced by the fact that so many of his patients remained loyal to him. I do not worship physicians the way many do (and many of them encourage, unfortunately). I also do not expect them to be perfect. So is there no redemption in your world, whatever name you are using at the moment?

    In terms of the others, I do not know how Greenwich compares with other hospitals in terms of similar incidents. I meant to add in a previous post that I do not condone what happened (my idea of any imperfections does not extend to possible pedophilia or operating while under the influence of narcotics). The culture of physicians protecting each other and turning a blind eye sucks. You want to attack the system – I’m with you. Going after one physician – no.

    And you really trip yourself up when you talk about a partner’s realtor wife? What does that have to do with anything? At the time he was getting established, a house in Milbrook (in the days before knock downs) was no big reach . . . certainly not for a two income family. Hope you find a constructive outlet for your beef.

  17. Anonymous

    You bunch of freaks that dislike Greenwich Hospital so much should relocate to a area you believe offers better health care…. Good luck!!! Good to see you go…….