Send a CFL to your senator?

The House has voted to extend the life of the incandescent bulb for a year, but I read that the bill is dead in the Senate. A year or so ago I suggested that we all mail a CFL bulb to our Congressmen but then I worried that, under EPA regulations, I’d be exposing readers to charges of terrorism and sending hazardous materials through the mail. Any of you real lawyers care to hazard (so to speak) an opinion here? Can we flood Washington with these useless light bulbs? It sure would be fun.

UPDATE: A million CFLs delivered to Washington would, under EPA guidelines on hazmat materials, paralyze the city – a great result, obviously, but I don’t want anyone arrested by the feds so hold off on this, for now – I’m seeking legal advice.

UPDATE II: I’m not hearing back from the guy I emailed. So Monday, I think I’ll mail off a CFL, clearly labelled and padded, to our junior Senator Dick  Blumenthal and see what happens. Hell, it’s looking like a dull summer, so why not cool my heels in New Haven federal court?  If they let me blog from the court house (or holding pen), it could be interesting.


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4 responses to “Send a CFL to your senator?

  1. not so anonymouse

    but it is attached to a bill that the Senate has to pass… so there is hope for one more year…

  2. Dude

    With all the problems right now, you really want to make lightbulbs an issue. Why weren’t you stomping your feet when your boy, Shrub,signed this legislation in 2007?

  3. Dude – I did, but back then, I had a newspaper column and they keep no records. But long time readers will remember. It was a horrible idea back then and it still is.

  4. Dude

    Fair enough, I’ll take your word for it, FWIW. Have a great weekend