Terminal case of self-importance or onset of Alzheimer’s?

Surgeon arrested after stealing candy from a baby. His defense? “Do you know who I am?”. The victim (a movie theater chain that happens to be owned by one of my clients) can probably survive the loss of a four-buck box of M&Ms, but what’s with this guy’s Martha Stewart defense?  He’s just old enough that he might want to either consult with his Rabbi or a neurologist or both. Something’s wrong here.


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13 responses to “Terminal case of self-importance or onset of Alzheimer’s?

  1. Retired IB'er

    Mind boggling…

  2. Cos Cobber

    Sadly, there are a few too many of these types around these parts.

  3. Nathan Hale

    If a box of M&M’s is $4.50? who is stealing here?

    • Nathan, I once read in the WSJ that the concession stand was where movie theaters made their money – the films themselves are just a draw to get people in to pay $500 for a box of five-cents worth of popcorn. That article ran years ago and, so far as i’ve seen, nothing’s changed. But hey – it’s a business model that seems to work. Me, when I do go to a movie – maybe once a year – I just stay away from the concession stand, and no one forces me to go buy anything.

      That said, and just to defend my client, BowTie has restored some great old theaters, and I believe they have plans to do some really nice things to that dreadful place on Railroad Avenue in Greenwich, so go buy that popcorn!

  4. He’s been our family dermatologist for twenty years+. I’m shocked at his behavior, and very sad. He’s such a great guy (or so I thought).

    • EOS, that’s why I wondered whether he might want to consult a neurologist. Odd behavior, totally out of character, can be a sign of something wrong. If he was just being obnoxious well, then he deserves to be embarrassed but in my limited experience with such matters, i’ve seen some acts that were disorders, not “bad” behavior. I hope he’ll be okay.

  5. Red

    Waiting in line is for little people. Paying for stuff is also for little people. Admitting when you run into a lamp post with your car — also for little people.

  6. Inagua

    Why assume this behavior is aberrant?

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    You need to cut this guy a break. I know the impact of Alzheimer’s, and it is not pretty. Do you know how many times I have been caught in the Woman’s changing room? So I got confused. What is the big deal? Nothing I haven’t seen before. And them neither, I would hope.
    Ladies bathrooms, too!! And let me tell you Dude, they are a lot cleaner than the Men’s room. But the worst thing is, sometimes I confuse very large breasts for pillows. And I like to snuggle pillows. So what exactly is the big frigging deal if I take a quick nap on the checkout line between a set of fun buns? Why can’t people just get along?
    Your Pal,

    • The sad thing Walt is that he might really be ill. Or, he might be a complete asshole, hard to say, but I did occasionally represent folks his age (59? Hell, that’s just about my age!) who did things they would never have done were they of sound mind. I hope for his sake that he was just being an asshole because then he can get on with his life, albeit a tad embarrassed – if his mind is going, then that’s a sorry situation indeed.

  8. Lotus

    I think that your client needs to conduct staff training on issues of suspected theft. Shops use discretion all the time. We would all have criminal records by 14 years, if the shops had prosecuted any of us for the childhood indiscretions that inevitably happen. Just because he’s 59 doesn’t mean he’s a jewelry thief or is armed and dangerous. Like you say, it could be Dementia. I have now been caring for my 76 year old Mom for nearly two years and she has taken to opening sweeties in the pharmacy. When she walks out with something, which she inevitably will one day, I hope that we’re not in the paper. The local police here in China don’t look as much fun as my friends in the Cos Cob Starbucks.

  9. Peeps

    For those whose parents/friends actually have diagnosed dementia: The Alzheimer’s Association has little cards that look like business cards that say something like: “The person with me has Alzheimer’s Disease and may be prone to unusual or unacceptable behavior.”
    I’d hate for the cards to be misused by shoplifters, though.
    I carried them when I had my mother with me, but kept her under close enough watch that if she opened a jar of pickles to eat one, I would just put it in my cart and pay for it. I had to watch her like a hawk around salad bars and any displays of things with rhinestones, though.
    Aside from all that work, geez I miss her.

  10. Peeps

    This story reminds me of the time Bess Myerson was arrested for shoplifting a bottle of nail polish. I think some people just get impatient when they want something and face a long or slow line, and feel entitled. Maybe the movie was about to start and he felt justified due to the slowness of a counter person. There are people who think like that.
    As for the Alzheimer’s idea. it’s not just Alzheimer’s that might cause people who have been honest all their life to steal. There is something called FTD (Just like the floral delivery company) It stands for Frontal Temporal Dementia and the part of the brain that causes you to self-regulate behavior you want to do is damaged.
    Or maybe it’s like Red says, that waiting in line is for the little people.