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The dead and dying

Of course we are all dying, it’s just a question of when. There’s an interesting debate shaping up between some conservatives like Jennifer Rubin of the WaPo, and the once-conservative, who the hell knows what he is now, David Brooks, of the NYT. Medical care rationing and death panels. The idea has shifted, in a heartbeat, from a supposed scare tactic of the Tea Party to a topic fit for discussion on the pages of the New York Times. My my.

But I find myself siding with Brooks on this subject, mostly. I’m not especially keen on his dismissal of heart patients  as being “incurable” – hey, Dave, I’m still here, enjoying a morning cup of coffee with each sunrise and at 57, screw you! -but I really have no desire to live a life in dementia, for instance, or sucking on an oxygen tank to pay for my years of self-inflicted cigarette smoking. And I have plans for those contingencies.

It’s an interesting debate because most of our medical care dollars are spent prolonging and squeezing out the last few months or perhaps years of life. It sure isn’t my call, except for my own life – it’s an individual decision, or should be: I suspect that my Ma, at 87, would be really pissed if I slammed a pillow on her face (Kidding, Ma, promise!).  Brooks hints at death panels who would decide these issues. Bad idea. But I think they’re coming, nonetheless.


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Not my problem, thank goodness

It’s not easy being an alpha male, baboon or otherwise

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He’ll probably be named to head up the ObamaCare Death Panel

Nurse accused of poisoning patients.

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This seems fair

The contractor responsible for tearing down that LA bridge is in line to receive a bonus for finishing early. It would have paid $6,000 for every 10 minutes it was late on Monday morning, so a reward for going in the other direction is appropriate. It’s also nice to see that this country can still get some things done on time and on schedule.


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Obama finally admits what no politician has done before

There is no “$2.6 trillion Social Security trust fund”. In fact, there is no trust fund at all – zip, zero, nada. Never was, of course, but until Obummer said Granny wasn’t going to get her check, every politician before him had lied and said there was. So one point for the current White House occupant.


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