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I stand ready to reveal the dirt on Chase Carey

Reader Shoeless sends along this Bloomberg link that suggests Chase Carey may be named CEO of the Murdoch empire. I assume that, based on my childhood friendship with him I’ll be inundated with requests for interviews (okay, that would be my idea of a joke) but just to cut that short, here’s all the bad things I know about Chase, from 3- 12 years old – after that, hey, he’s on his own; I wasn’t watching. But as a kid, Chase would find chewing gum on the street and pop it in his mouth and chew it. No kidding. Does that disqualify him from heading up a major corporation? Probably not – he seems healthy enough today, from what I can see, but there you have it: my entire scandal sheet on Mr. Carey.

UPDATE: By the way, did you know that there’s a stretch on the Allagash River called the Chase Carey Rapids? True  fact, even if I can’t find it on Google (so they aren’t infallible). Not named after my friend, I wouldn’t think, because I navigated them when I was 12 and Chase hadn’t quite made a name for himself by then. But someone with the same name must have done something notable there – drowned?


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State workers unions blink

Change ratification rules to avoid layoffs. I don’t want to see anyone lose his job – really – I’ve been there, and it sucks. So if we as a state can re-do our contracts – overly generous and with blame fully assigned to former governors (and our Legislature) without a doubt – then I’m all for it. I hope this works.


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Only if you’re a legal junkie

A jurisdictional case involving a plane leaving from Virginia and crashing in New York state. Believe it or not, this is the kind of stuff that fascinates lawyers and law students. It affects the victims of course (Virginia sets a cap on damages, New York does not) but it will keep lawyers entertained for hours. Funny world.


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Walt defends her, of course, but does send along this bit of gossip

Round Hill Marissa

Marissa Noel rips off jewelery designer. Where’d she learn to go wrong?


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Sailor take warning

(3:00  PM EST) I have my flaws as a lawyer, parent and real estate agent, but I do have a fair amount of experience as a sailor and I’m looking out over a hot, humid, yellowing sky and, if I were at sea, I’d head for port or lower my sails. Something wicked this way comes. Or not – but you might want to be careful out there.

UPDATE:  A former Greenwich resident sends along this sad tale of two experienced sailors drowned in the Mackinac Race, out on our Great lakes.  Maybe the same storm system, perhaps not, but anyone who’s sailed on troubled waters can still mourn their loss. I do.


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Delusional or futurist?

There’s a house for sale in a desirable section of town that I thought might be susceptible to a discounted bid because the seller bought it at the  height of the market. No such chance – I heard from another agent that her own buyer’s bid, all cash, close in a week, no contingencies and $100,000 more than my buyer had been contemplating, had been rejected, and with a bit of scorn tossed on top. We’re not talking bottom feeding here – but maybe 90% of a 2007 price.

The seller may get his price – there aren’t many houses in this price range in this section of town and it only takes one sucker. In the meantime, the house sits empty, costing money. Time will tell – he’ll either recover his 2007 price or, a year from now, concede to the market. I’m betting on the latter, but we are living in a weird market, so ….


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Land sale in Riverside

15 Field Road has a contract. Undersized lot, asking $1.3ish, seemed high to me (once I’d seen the house and concluded it was a tear-down)  but not to some builder, obviously. I’d figure $2.8 for a new house on this site but clearly someone sees a higher range.

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Okay, who wants to join me in mowing Binney Park?

Sandusky, Ohio introduces a “mow to own” program: take care of an empty lot and its yours after two years.


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