Sailor take warning

(3:00  PM EST) I have my flaws as a lawyer, parent and real estate agent, but I do have a fair amount of experience as a sailor and I’m looking out over a hot, humid, yellowing sky and, if I were at sea, I’d head for port or lower my sails. Something wicked this way comes. Or not – but you might want to be careful out there.

UPDATE:  A former Greenwich resident sends along this sad tale of two experienced sailors drowned in the Mackinac Race, out on our Great lakes.  Maybe the same storm system, perhaps not, but anyone who’s sailed on troubled waters can still mourn their loss. I do.


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6 responses to “Sailor take warning

  1. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    Here too. Strong winds from west south west. We don’t have sails to lower, but hey, we have a dingy to tie up safely!

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    Did you see this?

    HORSE FEATHERS I SAY!! They named Dinosaur Designs after me, for Pete’s Sake!! But she is a fine little Filly, isn’t she? It seems like just yesterday she was a wobbly kneed little foal. But look at her now!! Good breeding and good oats are important, my friend!! Did you think she would spit the bit? Pull up lame? NEVER!!
    And we have some surplus inventory, so if you want a good deal on some knock off jewelry, let me know. I can get you a good deal on some knock off Dooney & Bourkes as well!! Just let me know.
    Your Pal,

  3. Anonymous

    very nice call — and you gave your followers about a 2.5 hrs heads-up. impressive!

  4. Cobra

    Lots of rain, about 1/4 inch, up near the Merritt, but no breeze of note. The pond likes the infusion of fresh water, as do the bass.

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