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Where’d we get this money?

Malloy buying 25 new train cars for Metro-North. As the son of commuter who suffered through the worst of the New Haven RR’s woes, I have complete sympathy for those trying to make their way to Manhattan today. But I thought we were broke?


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Is this what Rick Perry’s been waiting for?

Michele Bachmann has pretty much self-destructed today, unless George McGovern endorses her 1000%. I’m not a Perry fan – I’m an economic libertarian, not a social conservative or whatever these people call themselves – but the crowd wants someone (I hope) better than Romney, and I’ve been wondering what was keeping Perry out of the race – did he know this was coming? My guess is yes, and my guess is he’ll be coming into the race soon.


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Belladonna closes, Cos Cob gets another bank

I realize that most Cos Cob residents are paid in cash so it’s no wonder they have so many banks there, but a restaurant was probably a nice thing to have as well. All gone now. I will point out, as I have before, that these things are all market driven and, change as they have, they will change again. In the 60’s, we had gas stations at almost every corner in town, up and down the Post Road (I think we had eight in Riverside alone). They went their way and eventually, branch offices of banks will too. Maybe they’ll be replaced by video stores!


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Goldman bonuses wilt. Greenwich sellers stand firm

Nothing good for home sellers here. I’m reminded of that penultimate scene in Trading Places where, their trades having gone bust, Mortimer pleads with the trade officials to bring the system back on. Too late.


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It’s back!

550 Round Hill Rd

Started at $22.5 million in 2008  and now, three brokers later, it’s at $13.750. Any indictments pending? I don’t think so, but it is Round Hill Road.


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Our BET wants that boat

Votes to accept the $600,000 to buy an emergency response vessel. Resident (and friend) Hans Isbrandsten, who knows more about boats than the entire BET combined (he was an America’s Cup sailor, if that matters) spoke against the proposal, saying that the estimate of $18-$24,000 to maintain it was grossly off target but he was ignored. This deal still has to be approved by the RTM – vote it down.


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Well there was that controversy over what exactly was in their tacos but still…

Woman arrested for trying to sell her baby at Taco Bell. The manager wouldn’t bite.

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