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More work for our police department

Turns out, my reader complaining about a whore house was writing about the “Sunshine  Spa” above the CVS in Cos Cob. I realize that GPD Folk must be exhausted from his real massage but shouldn’t he be ready to doff his uniform one last time for the old neighborhood? Okay, I’ll do it if you won’t, pal (sigh).

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Don’t go to law school?

At one point, I did advise my kids that they should attend law school just as a form of self-defense.  I also taught them to fire a rifle. But that was when UConn offered free tuition to in-state residents. Now, a law student is going to come out of school $150,000 in debt with no possible way of repaying it.

I can confess that being “wait-listed” at Yale and having near-perfect LSATs gets you exactly nowhere in interviews at the few firms paying top salaries – these guys want winners and “wait-listers” aren’t winners. Of course, I did have fun in my career upending these arrogant assholes who tended to underestimate agricultural school lawyers, but again, I came out with no debt and so could afford to live, buy a house and raise a family.

The article I link to says, if you’re not admitted to a top law school, don’t go. and I think the professor is entirely right. But do buy a pistol, and learn how to use it.


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Existing home sales “unexpectedly” fall again

Those are national statistics. I’ll pull our local numbers, again, and be back with them soon but all the data I see says that you’re okay under $3 million, not doing so well above that. But our high end inventory continues to grow so if you’ve got money burning a hole in your wallet, give me a call – lots of choice, even if we have to weed through a bunch of delusional sellers.


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Well that’s a load off my mind!

You might think we had some debt problems and a few wars to worry about in this country but our elected representatives know better and they’re holding hearings this week on gay marriage. Good job, Brownie.


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I think he’s wrong, but an interesting view of overpriced homes

This writer thinks there are two markets: short sales and all the rest. At least in Greenwich, we aren’t seeing all that many short sales – the banks just make it too difficult to bring them to conclusion. But when they do sell, they affect the price of every other house in the neighborhood. Sellers refuse to believe this, but go have a talk with spec builders who lost their homes to banks. A falling tide lowers all ships.


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Maybe they’ll open a bank there

Whore house busted on Mason Street. Funny – I got an email from a reader about this er, institution, but couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the information. I certainly wasn’t about to do any under the covers work, Walt was busy photographing pools in Cos Cob and GPD Folks? Well, come to think of it, what was GPD Folks up to?

In any event, the cops seem to have the situation well in hand, so to speak.


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