I understand the legal principle, but who the hell is Kim Kardashian?

Lady sues Old Navy for using a look-alike in its ads.


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21 responses to “I understand the legal principle, but who the hell is Kim Kardashian?

  1. As I See It

    You ‘publicans need to get over Sara Palin.
    There are plenty more with junk In the trunk.

  2. Anonymous

    “who the hell is Kim Kardashian?”

    She is one of the few white chicks with bootie.

    But you are right, she is not that good looking especially after you take the 3 pounds of makeup off her face.

  3. Kim is married to Mila Kunis and they are expecting a child, the sperm donated from that Brit, Chris Hansen.

  4. stephen james

    Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian (deceased),one of OJ Simpsons’ lawyers.
    Kims step father is Bruce Jenner – decathlete and plastic surgery devotee.
    The Kardashian family, for doing absolutley nothing, made over $65,000,000 in 2010 (endorsements / reality shows / clothing store)
    Its a crazy country we live in.

  5. Krazy Kat

    Chris, seriously, you have to stop teasing us with this “duh, I don’t know nothin about modern culture” stuff. If we were to believe that you are a bookworm, art museum maven or mad scientist, such cultured ignorance of the commoners media might be believable.

    However, given you have so little to keep you busy in real estate, we all suspect you of consuming all manner of reality TV, especially the shows with real booty/bootie (Anon @ 12:23, did you see the episode there Kim had he butt xrayed to prove she did NOT have implants?)

    Next you are going to suggest you have no idea of who the various “Housewives” are, that there is a show about bitchie gay home designers or another with rugged dentally-challenged rednecks with big guns! “Hogs Gone Wild” sound familiar?

    Seriously, I next expect you to claim no recognition of Ryan Seacrest or Simon Cowell.

    • I’ve got to start watching TV, Krazy . The thing with the Internet is that you can just skip past stories of no interest but with TV, it’s forced in your face. II’ll try it again, promise. And then I can learn who Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell are.

  6. Fred2

    Kim K. is an , uhm, courtesan who has gotten her 5min of fame mysteriously extended to several years.

    She’s reasonably pretty, if you like the dusky curvy type, that is really tiny.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    The Kardashians are, in a nutshell, everything that is wrong with modern American society…

  8. I would wholeheartedly disagree GG: each daughter runs a mini-dynasty of a product line. Kim has her own line of shoes and is the face of some major ad campaigns. Khloe has a line of jewelry and clothes she hawks on QVC mand Sears. Kourtney, the oldest, runs the DASH boutique line and wrote a “book” that made it to the NYT bestseller list. They’ve marketed themselves into multi-millionaire status not by sitting home and clipping coupons. They are some of the most industrious young women I’ve met. Perfectly lovely as well.

    Now, The Jersey Shore gang, now THAT’S what wrong with American society. But not the Kardashians.

  9. Out Looking In

    dead ringer, though…has kim trademarked her face?

  10. digler


  11. Al Dente

    I bet you don’t have a single Lady Gaga song on your iPod. Now say “What’s an iPod?”

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Sorry, EOS – but I can’t admire them. Uneducated and self absorbed, they offer little to the American public to look up to. Jersey Shore goes without saying – that is meant to be a train wreck. But the materialism hawked by the Kardashian girls and their sex tapes leave me – well, unimpressed. I am surprised you think so highly of them, EOS – I thought your tastes were more sophisticated.

  13. Peeps

    For all the negative comments, does anyone realize that there is so much complaining done here about the re market, and if some or any of these girls moved to town, all the realtors would be thrilled at the prospect of unloading some mcmansions on them. At least they’re not supporting themselves by stealing other people’s money.
    I saw the ad and there’s no way the girl could be mistaken for Kim Kardashian. Although the makeup and coloring is the same, the real Kim K never moves that fast. She’s in perpetual slo-motion. The Old Navy girl is dancing, jumping all over the place and has life-like animated movement.

  14. GG: I’ve met them all several times through mutual friends in Greenwich. I look at them, and all their trappings, sure some of which I find tacky, but then I look at so many rich dub kids I know from Bedford and Greenwich, kids who have the same trappings but haven’t worked a day in their life for it, and I give these girls credit. They don’t have to work, yet they are out there day after day. They are smart marketers of their brand, they know their life in front of the camera is limited, so why not take advantage? Their heads are screwed on right. I’d rather have people look up to the Kardashians, seeing that working hard gets you what you want, than looking at some NYC socialite who might look the sophisticated part but is clueless to real life. Marissa Noel comes to mind. She had every advantage in this world and did what with it? Nothing. I think if you met these young women, you’d be surprised how smart and nice they are. I’m a “give them a benefit of the doubt” kind of person, and I’m glad I am.

  15. Inagua

    “I think if you met these young women, you’d be surprised how smart and nice they are.”

    EOS – Didn’t we meet these smart young women in the TV show? Where we learned about Kim’s smart decision to make a sex tape? Kourtney’s smart decision to breed with the unemployed boyfriend she doesn’t want to marry? And Khloe’s smart revelation that she didn’t know that her step-father was an Olympian?

  16. As I said to GG, I don’t like everything they say/hawk, my point is that they aren’t home sucking the blood out of their trust funds. And hey, YOU knew all about them, so did all the other men here, (except Carmelite Monk Chris) so you must watch or follow them. You made my point for me. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

  17. Inagua

    EOS – They had no trust funds to suck the blood out of. Their father died essentially broke, and their step-father eeked out a modest living as an airplane broker and motivational speaker. The driving force was the mother, who wrote and scheduled Jenner’s speeches and got the idea for the TV show after seeing the Osbournes.

  18. Okay, but they weren’t poor. They decided to take control of their future, yes, their mother the driving force. So, what’s wrong with being a self-promoter? You have to make your own way in this crazy world. They are all adults. No one is forcing them to be on tv. I still contend they show that hard work is what it takes to succeed. I think if any one of my children were out there doing the same, I might initially gasp or be embarrassed, but then hey, I’d say, go for it. Spin that carousel of life. I can’t stand people who whine and expect others to hand them things for nothing. Hey, didn’t I just describe a Democrat!?

  19. As I See It

    Not a democrat
    How about a ‘too big to fail’ group of ivy league graduate financial professionals