It has always been thus

Young couples prefer suburbs to the city. It has always been my contention that, so long as NYC continues to draw young, intelligent people, they will meet, fall in love, have babies and move out, all to Greenwich’s benefit. So I suppose we should all hope for NYC’s continued success.


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2 responses to “It has always been thus

  1. Fred2

    Never understood why anyone would WANT to live in NYC, but to each his own.

    I mean the horror of wanting a home for less that your rent payment, having closets, a kitchen, space to live and sleep cook and store things that’s not the same room. Natural light, trees, ability to walk outdoors without getting deafened. Not to mention, most people like being around other people like themselves…and no too close, that that.

  2. I was sad to leave the city. Money, or lack thereof, drove us out to the country to raise the kidlets; I so wanted to find a way to stay in the city because I felt the children got so much richness in city life, and my circle of friends was much more eclectic than it became in Deadford. If I had to do it all over again, I’d lobby harder to stay cityside. My niece and her hubby, in their mid 30s, have joined a huge group of their Manhattan-based friends who have bought a summer/weekend place and rent their city apartment. They and their friends couldn’t imagine leaving the city so they run contrary to the poll you linked.

    Found this fabulous (and sad) post about the Bennett College in Millbrook. Look what’s happened to the place. How could this happen??? I had so many friends who went there, “back in the day”.