It’s a poor workman who blames his tools

Tiger Woods fires his caddie.  What a yo-yo. I once respected this man.


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5 responses to “It’s a poor workman who blames his tools

  1. My rant

    Not surprised to hear he’s changing caddies. The golf psyche is fragile and Tiger is hoping to begin a new chapter in his golfing life (health willing). For the sake of the game, I hope he can regain the magic, but the scars of the past eighteen months may be too much. It makes for interesting theater anyhow.

  2. Out Looking In

    Reads to me as if Williams changed golfers! Just a thought….

  3. I still like him

    I still have respect for him. I personally do not look up to any sports personality as a reference for moral values. If going out with 10 women gave him the focus and the calmness to remain collected under pressure, then good for him. What he should have done is skip the marriage. Now that he is single again, bring the ladies back and hopefully that will bring his game back.

  4. Peeps

    Where can we apply?

  5. I think ever since he lost his father, he lost his moral compass and his golf game. Much like Mike Tyson when Cus D’amato passed. Hopefully, he will have an epiphany like Tyson and return to decency and golf.