Jefferson said it long ago

Of Federal bureaucrats, he said, “few die, none retire.”  Here’s proof that some things haven’t changed in 200 years.


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2 responses to “Jefferson said it long ago

  1. Patrick

    Another example of enabling bad behavior. When there is no consequence to poor performance and no upside to high achievement humans choose the path of least resistance and effort. It’s human nature.

    Companies fire to demonstrate acceptable behavior and the consequences of bad behavior. It let’s everyone know what is acceptable. Poor productivity in the government hurts all us.

  2. nick

    Hell, Malloy can’t even seem to rid himself of those he swore to let go July 1st. We still have no idea if we can possibly have a balanced budget that our Hartford troops voted for and are legally obligated to. What we do have is more spending and taxes and many editorials saying Malloy is a leader and doing it the right way. UGH.