Party at police headquarters!

Their air conditioned lobby is open 24 hours a day during this heat wave. A little more seriously, I used to keep an eye on an elderly lady in Byram for a few years, and her apartment could get really, really hot even with a window a/c. If you have a friend in a similar situation, you may want to check in on them – it’s pretty nasty out there.


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12 responses to “Party at police headquarters!

  1. anon

    i’ll get the donuts. 2 boston creme, 2 glazed, 2 jelly filled, 4 vanilla keme filled, and 2 sugar raised. you bring the iced coffee. meet you there in twenty?

  2. Fred2

    They’ll even come and fetch you if you are naughty.

    So fire up that sprinkler in the front lawn and run nekkid through it, they’ll be by shortly.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So when it was really hot out, you would go over to the ‘”elderly” ladies apartment and help her cool off, right? First, you put her in a nice cool wife beater, right? Extra large so it covered her noo noo?
    Then you turned on your ghetto blaster with your favorite Village People cassette in. RIGHT!! Then you made her dance to the “YMCA” as you tossed water on her. Am I right, or what? And then, after she danced you gave her a nice relaxing sponge bath. You hero.
    But it is hot as hell out. I was going to go to the Rub & Tug above CVS, but decided to stay in and chill. But if you need me to “check in” on any hotties, just let me know.
    Your Pal,

  4. Phil Grimm

    Come out west, it just hit 67°F in Seattle.

  5. Nah, Walt, I’d just call the cops and have them come arrest her – those cells are air conditioned, too!

  6. Anonymous

    OT but I thought you might be interested in this story out of California that involves TSA, DHS, and unaccredited schools turning into both diploma and visa mills.

    From the article:
    With his new student visa, Prasanth Goinaka was on a path toward his dream: an MBA from an American university in the heart of Silicon Valley.

    That’s why his parents back in India were stunned when their 28-year-old son was killed while manning a cash register at a convenience store in Oklahoma City — 1,500 miles from campus.

    A Bay Area News Group investigation has found that Goinaka — as well as thousands of other foreign students enrolled in schools here — probably should not have been in the country at all. They’re being lured by unaccredited universities that promise help getting a prized student visa. But it turns out that these universities’ legal right to assist with visas is in question.

  7. Surely it’s about time for another group guffaw about Al Gore and his ludicrous climate change notions. C’mon, all you cocksure deniers, let’s hear a hearty belly laugh. After all, it’s only 67 degrees in Seattle!

  8. anon

    Different topic, but check out this dude who moved into a $330K foreclosed house for only $16!

  9. stephen james

    I did help an old man across the street yesterday.
    He flagged me down and said he had stopped walking at the street intersection but coud not start again and had been there, just standing for 15 minutes. Poor old guy was standing there waiting for someone to give him a push and hold his arm..which I did.
    BOTTOM LINE….sucks to get old.

  10. Peeps

    Stuff like that can happen when you get dehydrated. I always try to remember to keep drinking water even when I’m not thirsty in heat like this.