Short the Euro

New bailout plan announced

UPDATE: I’m no John Paulson (boy, am I no John Paulson) but he’s shorting the Euro.



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5 responses to “Short the Euro

  1. dollar bill

    The banksters are determined to destroy our global economy, with all this misguided, mandated austerity. When are the Greeks going to wake up, and recognize that they hold all the cards here? Let the banksters take the dive! Default already!

  2. Cos cobber

    Yeah dollar bill, default already so some French and German pensioners are short changed of their union pension.

  3. dollar bill

    if that’ true, and I doubt it is, that should make you happy, no?

  4. Shoeless

    The austerity must come either way, as Greece’s 11 million citizens owe a collective $500 billion, but the default must (and will) come as well. I don’t think we can call this stuff “sovereign” debt any more, as other countries now dictate the repayment schedule. What a farce!