Why I love cops (most of the time)

Amazing story from the Daily News of a detective who saved the life of a suicidal woman. Service totally beyond the call of duty, yet he did it.


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6 responses to “Why I love cops (most of the time)

  1. Great story, and a welcome contrast to this reprehensible behavior, linked on Insty yesterday: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-greenhut-police-firefighters-un20110720,0,5600299.story

    • There are certainly some bad guys out there who, given authority over us civilians, abuse the hell out of it. And they have to be stopped – one of the reasons I enjoyed having a license to practice law. But that said, the few cops I really know have been exceptional people – folks you would want behind you (hell, in front of you!) in any situation. I may have been lucky in who I’ve met, but I bet 90% of the guys and women out there are good, solid folks.

  2. Fred2

    Yeah, as much at it angers me to see police abuse their power, I try to remember that they spend much of their time dealing with people on the worst day of that persons life and criminals. (i.e. drunks, angry people, loonies, and your basic criminals and good-for-nothings.) And then doing mile of tedious paperwork.

    I’d be dirty harry’ing speeders inside a month.

  3. Dude

    You love them, but you just don’t want to pay them a living wage or contribute to their pensions.