If you’re willing to do the time, do the crime

JP Morgan banker steals $1.2 million, gets two year jail sentence. Heck, with good behavior (and aren’t all bankers well behaved? ) he’ll be out in less than 18 months. That’s pretty good pay.


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10 responses to “If you’re willing to do the time, do the crime

  1. Old School Grump

    FYI, CF, on the iPad at least, links to the Post no longer work, there is a pay wall.

    $1.99 for an article? Not gonna happen.

    Anyway, stealing a mere $1.2 mil? That’s so … Dennis Levine!

    • Really?! Well it’s not worth 9 cents, let alone $1.99.You might try finding it on Google News, which usually gets around the pay wall but otherwise,forget it. I guess Murdoch needs cash to pay his lawyers.

  2. Daniel

    I think it is an IPad thing.

  3. dollarbill

    OK Randbots, if you read nothing else this weekend, dip into this excellent screed from a proud and true Brit Tory, in the Telegraph,by Charles Moore. It is bound to explode heads of the Ayn Rand crowd here on this site. Money quote:

    “It has taken me more than 30 years as a journalist to ask myself this question, but this week I find that I must: is the Left right after all? You see, one of the great arguments of the Left is that what the Right calls “the free market” is actually a set-up.

    The rich run a global system that allows them to accumulate capital and pay the lowest possible price for labour. The freedom that results applies only to them. The many simply have to work harder, in conditions that grow ever more insecure, to enrich the few. Democratic politics, which purports to enrich the many, is actually in the pocket of those bankers, media barons and other moguls who run and own everything.”

    Read the whole thing.. It’s a great and devastating critique of the pigheadedness of the Right and its defenders and its ethos from one of its own…


  4. Cos cobber

    Dollar bill, I’m sure we could raise the money you need for a one way ticket to Cuba from this blog.

  5. Towny

    In a free market any Dollarbill with half a brain and a little luck can become a banker, media baron and other moguls who run and own everything. In a lefty controlled market, everybody picks vegetables and the Pol Pot type moguls own everything.

  6. Towny

    Take your pick asshole.

  7. stopthechecks


    do you think every sporting event should end it a tie?

  8. Dude

    D$, you were right. The heads exploded. Heh, heh