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Atheists and the law

They keep pushing, but why? Is there anything more unprovable than faith versus reason? Especially when reason seems so , er, limited?  I don’t want religions governing my life (I like shrimp, regardless of Leviticus) but must there be this constant warring? Let it go.


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What I said

Banks are going to lose 90% of their Greek investments, according to this article. I’m not (too) stupid but I’m sure not MENSA material, so if I could see this coming a long time ago, what’s with the world’s banking community? I guess they’re trading on a daily basis while I, a non-investor, am taking a farther look down the road. But someone is going to get hosed on this – why do I suspect it will be taxpayers?


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The older I get, the more I realize that nothing changes

Agricultural thieves hit California. In 1963, when I was 10 – years old, my Ma took me to Malibu to visit her childhood friend and her husband, the former test pilot Bill Bridgeman. This guy was a contemporary of Chuck Yeager and, without knowing Mr. Yeager, I’ll bet Bridgeman was every bit his equal – these were amazing guys who’d strap themselves into rockets and go see whether they’d break the sound barrier or blow themselves up.

Anyway, by 1963 Bill had retired from flying and was growing cabbages somewhere north of Malibu and was plagued by Mexican cabbage thieves. So one night, he took me cabbage thief hunting – he strapped on a big old pistol – I have so idea of its caliber but it was huge – and we went out to check his fields in his pickup truck. We never caught sight of a cabbage rustler that night (I suspect, all these years later, that he would never have taken me along if thought we would), but it certainly was the most memorable moment in this kid’s life.

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