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Ah, it’s all the same, really

Israel real estate commissions explained. Buyers pay 2% over there, but then there’s an extra 16% VAT imposed. Here in Greenwich, it’s a 5% commission, usually (and no VAT)  split 2.5% each to the selling and buyer’s brokers  but regardless, you as the buyer are ultimately paying the full freight – it’s figured into the price, no?

But at least, as of ten years ago or so, the law has changed so that buyer’s agents are no longer legally sub-agents of the seller’s broker, which means we can represent you, dig up all the dirt we can on the seller’s circumstances: bankruptcy, divorce, pending indictments, whatever, and pass them on to you. It makes being a buyer’s agent so much more fun!


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This will help – Connecticut taxes rise August 1st

If you were a store owner and your competitor raised his prices, you might be tempted to lower your own or at least hold your prices steady. But if you were a Connecticut politician, you’d see an opportunity to jack up your prices, as Dan Malloy’s just done. And now he’s off on a “listening tour” to learn why businesses are leaving the state. I’ve pretty much given up giving these people credit for being simple, deluded fools. I think they are on a mission of destruction.


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If it’s gone, it’s gone

Our pols spent a small fortune  trying to save a Moodus resort, but after wasting $3.2 million, it’s time to concede defeat and move on. It’s easy to spend other people’s money, and no one knows that better than politicians.

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Just whacked my first Asian Mosquito

If you believe the press, these little nasties are worse than our indigenous critters. Not sure that  I do, but just squashed one here.

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My hero retires and I never even knew his name

Post headline writer retires. I always figured it was at least a gang of six who dreamed up the New York Post headlines, but it seems it was one man, Vincent A. Musetto. Six years of working on this blog and I like to think I’ve come up with two, maybe three headlines he’d approve of, but he did it day in, day out.


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It’s kind of like baseball, these days

Someone wins the Tour de France. Turns out that they’ve all been drugged monkeys for decades, so who the hell cares? Might as well elect them to Congress.


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Maybe it’s time to stop re-electing incumbents?

Here’s a fellow who seems to be totally insane, yet was re-elected anyway.


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No one’s going to sell me this house!

I’ve commented for some years now that sellers have had a philosophy that “no one’s gonna steal my house”  and pointed out that no one was putting a gun to their head but merely offering to pay several million bucks for property that was probably worth less than the seller’s opinion.

That seems to have reversed. Yesterday a buyer, told that a house had originally been priced at $3.9 million and eventually sold for $2.5 told the listing agent that “you’re trying to broker me” and stormed from the house. Look – you Wall Street guys all have your spreadsheets  and “know” what a house should be worth, but you might try respecting the knowledge of what we agents, sometimes, have to offer. Buyer’s agents owe you a fiduciary duty, owe you our complete loyalty and, while not every agent lives up to that duty, most of us do. You should certainly make up your own mind, but you might at least consider listening to our advice. We probably, believe it or not, know more than you do about Greenwich real estate. You’re on your own with valuing the Euro.


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Good God, can we please, finally defund this company?

I just heard the new NPR announcer (transcript as soon as it’s available) compare the Norwegian mass-murderer to Ayn Rand. I want nothing to do with these idiots and I hugely resent a single tax dollar spent on them.

You don’t have to agree with Ayn Rand, but if this moron , Linda Wertmeiler (sp?) had ever read her work she’d know that (a) she was an atheist and (b) celebrated the individual value of each human’s life. So to compare her to some nut-wing Christian fundamentalist who slaughtered 95 innocent children is so stupid, so ignorant, that I conclude that the woman is not fit to swab urinals at NPR, let alone host a major Sunday morning program. Wertmeiler reveals everything that is wrong with NPR and everything that is wrong with stealing tax payers’ dollars to support her.


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I wonder whether this is true for Greenwich?

$1,000 pizzas losing their flavor in NYC. Not my crowd in either city but from what I read and hear, the Greenwich rich haven’t discovered anything shameful about wasteful extravagance. It’s their money.

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Learn a new word every day

Instapundit: Women more likely to sext than men. Sext?

SURPRISE: Women More Likely To Sext Than Men. “Based on news headlines, you’d think men are hands down more likely to sext (that is, for those who don’t know, send sexy pictures of themselves via text) than women. But, color us surprised, it seems the opposite is true!”


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Let them wear propeller beanies

New Yorkers complain about power outages while their elected representatives work to shut down the Indian Point nuclear plant. Voters get what they deserve.


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I’m not saying Greenwich needs a new boat but there ought be one around

Norway SWAT team had to drive to the area of that massacre because they had no  helicopter, then gave the killer another twenty minutes to do his deadly work while they looked for a boat to get them to the island. I’m thinking that if at least one counselor on the island had been armed, the deaths might have been less but to be fair, who the hell expects to need a weapon at a summer camp?

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