It’s kind of like baseball, these days

Someone wins the Tour de France. Turns out that they’ve all been drugged monkeys for decades, so who the hell cares? Might as well elect them to Congress.


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6 responses to “It’s kind of like baseball, these days

  1. CatRocker

    Your disdain for things about which you know nothing knows no bounds.

  2. kidding really??

    Chris – I agree with CatRocker. Considering more people watch the Tour de France on each of the 21 days than the Superbowl or on some stages more people line the roads than 10x the people who go to the Superbowl who the hell cares? And the sport has lead the world in catching cheats better than any other sport in the world. What’s happened in the past is being corrected unlike every major sport in the US with proactive stricter testing and penalties. The athletes are a hell of a lot tougher too as it’s not that easy crashing and finishing a stage to just have to do it day in day out. Oh there are no rain outs, time outs and only 2 rest days of 21. As an example of why people care about this beautiful and brutal sport is Johnny Hoogerland who crashed into a barbed wire fence and bravely finished the stage to win the king of the mountain jersey for the day a huge career honor. He rode the next stage proudly in the jersey. So when you say in your ever naive way who the hell cares – a lot of people do. You continue to turn me off from this blog with that becomes more and more irrelevant as you seem to be in the Greenwich real estate market.

    Imagine any US baseball player finishing a game with these injuries?

  3. Lls2

    Bike racing > baseball

    They dope in bike racing, now what ?

  4. kidding really?? NYT on latest tour de france – perhaps you can learn something Chris here

  5. Cal

    Wow. Looks like Lance Armstrong’s PR machine has found even this blog.