Maybe it’s time to stop re-electing incumbents?

Here’s a fellow who seems to be totally insane, yet was re-elected anyway.


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8 responses to “Maybe it’s time to stop re-electing incumbents?

  1. edgewater

    up there with wu has to be maxine waters.

  2. stopthechecks



    the millionaire will have to pay 19,400 in additional taxes but we all know that isn’t enough to cover the nut so guess what the middle class is getting pounded as well.

    aren’t the dems supposed to protect the middle class? hahahahahahaha

    here you go you fools you pay the union still hasn’t agreed to make the concessions and they received raises on july 1.

    why don’t the taxpayers have an opportunity to agree or disagree with laws, budgets, etc? oh that’s right we do our union are the elected officials we put in place to do what’s right and in our best interest…

    how’s that working out for you middle class folk?

  3. Georgie in Greenwich

    Voters always think its the “other guy’s” representative that is bad and blindly re-elect. Lets hope this new “Americans Elect” group described today in Tom Friedman’s column does something to break up the hegemony of special interest in both the Dem/Rep parties.

  4. atticus

    Barney Frank was/is much worst in every way, especially the great damage he has done in ruining the US financial system. His sex and drug scandals are small potatoes in comparison to what he has done in his official capacity. Yet those people will re-elect him no matter what he does.

  5. Georgie in Greenwich

    I know what you mean about Friedman….but sometimes he gets it right. Now, I went to the AE web site and took the survey—and in comparison to the other folks surveyed—I seemed to always be out of step—more conservative; so I’ not sure about it representing folks like me. Tea party is just too socially conservative and AE perhaps too liberal on eco/energy/educ issues…who knows where people like me belong anymore.

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t now how you missed this picture of Wu when you posted the your article. 😀

  7. Greenwich Old Timer

    I was so excited to read about the survey that I immediately logged on and answered all the questions. Like Georgie I found that about half of my responses were more conservative than those of the responders so far – but things could change as more people “like us” put in their two cents. Try it! It will make you feel better for a while, anyway. So many of us feel that we are not being heard by the powers-that-be.