My hero retires and I never even knew his name

Post headline writer retires. I always figured it was at least a gang of six who dreamed up the New York Post headlines, but it seems it was one man, Vincent A. Musetto. Six years of working on this blog and I like to think I’ve come up with two, maybe three headlines he’d approve of, but he did it day in, day out.


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4 responses to “My hero retires and I never even knew his name

  1. The Duke of Deception

    Maybe he thought he’d hit his apex after the classic Weiner covers.
    Always good for a laugh and maybe a little shake of the head after they maybe went too far…

  2. Pushie

    I worked with VA for years and can’t wait to tell him about his Greenwich fan club!

  3. Anon

    One of the main reasons I picked up the Post…best headlines by a mile. LOL

  4. Peeps

    There seem to be some people left behind at the Post who are trying to live up to those who came before them.
    Announcing Amy Winhouse’s death, yesterday’s Post had a photo of her on the front page with just simply “No No No”.
    Then inside today’s paper, a story about the drugs she bought in the past few days is titled, “Amy’s Bender Enough to End Her”.

    I think the Post’s macabre humor in headings will continue.