So who’s going to jail for this one?

GMAC Mortgage seems to have intentionally filed false documents with a New York court in a foreclosure case. There are those who believe that intentionally filing false documents with a court is a crime – in fact, that’s what the law says. GMAC denies it did anything wrong. We’ll see. But if GMAC was in fact doing this, how likely is it that the other big mortgage lenders were (are?) doing the same thing?


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3 responses to “So who’s going to jail for this one?

  1. Sadly, it will either be a fall guy or no one. The banks give too much money to the politicians to be worried about actually having to obey the law…..

  2. MAC

    Nobody is ever going to be held accountable for any of the GMAC, or for that matter, MERS robo signing scandals. The corp will admit no wrong doing, maybe pay a fine, and blah blah blah.