What are we supposed to do with our recycling “Blue Bins”?

The last blue bin pick up came and went at our house today and, staring at the big blue chunk of plastic I was struck with the question of what to do with it. It doesn’t look recyclable, my garbage man probably won’t take it, so do I take it to the dump? If all 15,000 Greenwich households make a separate trip to the dump to get rid of these things, won’t that cause more pollution than the recycling program is supposed to prevent? Just asking.


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12 responses to “What are we supposed to do with our recycling “Blue Bins”?

  1. Stanwich

    Just keep using your blue bins. It doesn’t matter. They are saying you need something with a closed top to prevent fly away paper but it doesn’t matter.

  2. Pete

    Use it to hold ammo for your potato cannon.

  3. OG Reader

    My first thought was “there goes the low end real estate market.” These new green cans (or dumpsters-lite) are large enough to house a small family.

  4. CatoRenasci

    Cut them up and put them in the new recycling bin

  5. Jane

    And I have 3 of them! Guess I will clean them out and use them to store toys!

  6. So Greenwich

    Stuff it in your new green bin . . . .

  7. MAC

    Its not your property. You must return it to Town Hall. Hey Hey!

  8. Anonymous

    Nah. just drive by town hall and chuck to box on the front lawn.

  9. Cos cobber

    I burned mine in my burn barrel.

  10. dogwalker

    Anonymous 10:05 pm –

    LOOOOVE your idea!

  11. Fred2

    Planters? Collect a couple of em and fill em with dirt and plan some vegies in them or flowers.

    Oh, oh! Fill em with concrete! stack’em them. Harder Homes and Garden’s, the magazine of thrifty survivalists will approve!