Who is “former Greenwich resident” Gary Ryder and how rich is he?

His 2004 conviction for owning an illegal crocodile has just been overturned by the Connecticut Supreme Court (illegal search). Good for him, but the amazing part of the story is that he was originally fined all of $35. Have you any idea of the legal fees involved in fighting a case in Superior, Appellate and the Supreme Courts over seven years? It’s possible, of course, that Mr. Ryder is an attorney or represented himself pro se but if had a lawyer working for him all this time, it must have cost him several hundred thousand dollars. There’s a man of conviction, although now he doesn’t have one.

UPDATE: The Connecticut Law Tribune has a much more detailed article. Mr. Ryder was indeed acting as his own lawyer, which would explain how he could pursue this for so long. In fact, I may actually have met Ryder a few times years ago – if he’s the same guy, he is not a lawyer  but did seem like a pretty nice guy.


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3 responses to “Who is “former Greenwich resident” Gary Ryder and how rich is he?

  1. Al Dente

    This is a croc of shit.

  2. Kevin

    Good for him. The court says it was an ILLEGAL search. This means the cops acted outside the scope of their training and the constitution. I guess that if he was driven to set the record straight then kudos for him. Most people would have paid the fine and called it a day.

  3. Anonymous

    He could have opened a petting zoo with all the legal fees spent.