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Guessing game

House vote on debt ceiling cancelled for tonight. We (EBT Realty) have three solid bids out there on properties whose owners have either refused to respond at all or fired back, in one notable email, that we have our heads up our a***. Well, we’ll see. In one case, the seller is said to have turned down $10 million in early 2008 and is still desperately clinging to the idea that his house is still worth almost that much (he’s lowered his price down to $9). If all hell breaks loose next week, they may regret their stubbornness, like the builder of a spec house in 2007, priced it at $12 million, rejected an offer of $9, dropped it to $9 eventually and rejected an offer of $7 and finally sold it for $4 million, just one step ahead of the foreclosure auction.

Or these guys may all prove to be financial geniuses when the market roars back to 2007 levels. I know where my money is.


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Wag the Dog?

Libyan rebel leader murdered. All hell is breaking loose now, with the various tribes fighting over Libya’s oil wealth. This war is on Barack “Days, not Weeks” Obama, and I wonder what he’s up to? We’re now tangled up with yet another tribal war, but why? Khadafi is a petty dictator, sure, but there are dozens of those and Khadafi appeared to have been pretty much bottled up since Reagan bombed his tent. So why him?

I think the worst thing that happened back in 2002 is when, as I understand it, we had Bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora and let him escape because of State Department and White House interference.We could have killed him, kicked the Taliban’s ass and then gone home, 9/11 avenged. Instead, the geniuses in Washington came up with the idea of a never-ending war, expanded that war to Iraq and a decade later we’re still losing American kids while we attempt fruitlessly to root out a corrupt Afghanistan government and instill a modern society. A’int never gonna happen.

But that brings us back to Libya – why on earth did Obummer engage us in yet another war, what are his goals and more important, what are his motives? Beats me.


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Aw, this doesn’t work without the ability to upload her picture, damnit!

Fat woman with a shaved head and wearing a string bikini denied entry to Walmarts says she “won’t accept an apology”. Apologize? They should have dragged her out to the parking lot and shot her. Check the link for her picture, if you have a strong stomach.


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Chris Shays for Senator?

He’s thinking about it. I usually disagreed with 85% of his positions when he was our Congressman but I always felt he was acting on principle, which ain’t a bad thing. Plus, when he retired after 20 years in Congress, I believe he showed a net worth of something like $100,000. He just might be the only honest man in Washington and that, too is something to admire and wonder at. I’d certainly give him my consideration. As Rumsfeld said, “you don’t go to bed with the wife you’d like to have but ….” or something like that.


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Can the Chinese make safe bullet trains without stealing?

That’s the question posed by Businessinsider regarding the theft of intellectual property from the Japanese. I’d rephrase that to, can the Chinese make anything without stealing? It’s not the Chinese people themselves, of course, but their country is lawless when it comes to intellectual property rights. They just aren’t recognized. It’s possible that China may start producing its own original products and may then want to join the civilized world under a rule of law. Until then, companies are fools to deal with them, regardless of the size of the market.


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Groupon’s a bust

Half their customers won’t use it again. On June 11  I suggested here that Groupon’s founder was a fool to turn down someone’s (Google’s?) huge buy-out offer. I’d tried using it and found it pretty worthless and that was a consumer, not a small business owner who has to pay to participate. I didn’t buy Dunkin Donuts at $47 today and I’m sure not buying Groupon’s pending ipo. I wonder if anyone will?


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No photos this afternoon

WordPress’s software isn’t allowing pictures to be uploaded. Their glitch, not my choice, and I’ve written to their tech support. We’ll be back to being an illustrated blog as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any of you understand what an “IO Error” means, I’d be grateful to learn. Internal operating error? What does one do with that?


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