Aw, this doesn’t work without the ability to upload her picture, damnit!

Fat woman with a shaved head and wearing a string bikini denied entry to Walmarts says she “won’t accept an apology”. Apologize? They should have dragged her out to the parking lot and shot her. Check the link for her picture, if you have a strong stomach.


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10 responses to “Aw, this doesn’t work without the ability to upload her picture, damnit!

  1. My ex. God bless her, she’s resolute!

  2. Roger Kaputnik

    Even the atheists in Greenwich should drop to their knees and thank God there is no WalMart in town.

    • Roger, I’d never been in a Walmart in my life before 2000 – there weren’t any around here then, I don’t believe, but on a cross-country trip to New Mexico and pulled into one to find a laundry bag for my dirty clothes. The staff were very nice, very helpful and one of them spent maybe fifteen minutes help me track one down, a $3.50 purchase. I can’t say I’m a regular patron, but they do seem like a reputable company. Pal Nancy used to work at Unilever and still hates them because of the cost cuts Walmart imposed on them, but maybe that’s helped keep inflation down (and cheapened quality, perhaps, but that’s another story).

  3. pulled up in OG

    No self-respecting atheist would be caught dead in a fucking Walmart.

  4. fred

    looks like Landscape Johnny

  5. anon

    for ages there’s been a People of Walmart blog with photos of actual customers in get-ups that make this lady look tame in comparison.

  6. Jane

    If she puts a shirt on we won’t be able to see those lovely tattoos!

  7. Fred2

    No shirt no service. Pound sand, sister.

  8. Al Dente

    Ima gonna be sick.