Can the Chinese make safe bullet trains without stealing?

That’s the question posed by Businessinsider regarding the theft of intellectual property from the Japanese. I’d rephrase that to, can the Chinese make anything without stealing? It’s not the Chinese people themselves, of course, but their country is lawless when it comes to intellectual property rights. They just aren’t recognized. It’s possible that China may start producing its own original products and may then want to join the civilized world under a rule of law. Until then, companies are fools to deal with them, regardless of the size of the market.


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12 responses to “Can the Chinese make safe bullet trains without stealing?

  1. Al Dente

    That’s what I used to tell my teacher: “Someone stole my intelligence.”

  2. Daniel

    I think that is why movies are now in 3-D.

  3. Anonymous

    did you notice new zealand billionaire plunked down 150mm to buy paulson’s stake in sino-forest. he obviously doesn’t think it’s a fraud. if Chandler is right, then the fraud was committed by california blondie carson block in disseminating false allegations.

  4. Stubby from Klingman

    the only thing the chinese ever invented was water torture.

  5. Anonymous

    yes that is the point isn’t it…… too early to rush to broad judgements based on a allegations from a self interested short seller.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself. The Japanese stole our intellectual property a few decades ago and turned it around take over the electronics market. I was an electrical engineer at the time working for a Japanese company and noticed the software for their new knock-offs of the Intel 8086 chip (which revolutionized micro-processing) was a near exact copy of Intel’s with some minor changes. In discussing the software with my Japanese colleagues, they told me that there were no manuals in Japanese because they hadn’t been translated yet. I asked why they needed to be translated if the chip and software were designed by Japanese…the answer was a sudden lack of understanding of English…a move made famous by Japanese businessmen in order to avoid answering a direct question.

  7. Anonymous

    isn’t the whole greenwich real estate market the greater fool theory right now?

  8. Anonymous

    history does repeat itself, the U,S, stole intellectual property from England in the 19th century.

  9. Anonymous

    and to make it full circle england stole intellectual property from china before that

  10. Anonymous

    And around it goes…however, the one big difference is there was no patent on tea, therefore no IP laws were broken

  11. Anonymous

    if you want to go further the christians stole the old testament from the jews. but god didn’t patent that either.