Dumpling Pond bridge reopens

Just this morning, in fact. That would have been last week – I didn’t notice the date. And wasn’t I lucky in my ignorance? I returned from the DMV (license renewal time, sigh) via the Merritt and Den Road and cruised across at around 12 noon, without ever remembering that it’s been closed these past ten days.

Interesting history of the bridge in the Greenwich Patch article I’ve linked to. George Washington is known to have crossed it three times (not mentioned, but true fact, his army camped at the top of Palmer Hill when they were marching from Boston to New York). What did astonish me to learn was that the bridge’s foundation, built in 1688, is still in good shape. They did fine work back then.


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7 responses to “Dumpling Pond bridge reopens

  1. anon

    It actually opened last Thursday (the date on the article you linked to is July 21st)… I drove over it Monday evening – they did a nice job. It’s now nice and smooth and I don’t have to worry about bending my 19″ rims anymore, as this project took at least a year to finish…

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Hey Chris: You mean you drove past my place without stopping by for a visit? Whattsa matta? Scared of Stamford?

  3. edgewater

    surprised to hear it opened today. i have had no difficultly driving across it every day this week.

  4. Nasus

    Chris – do you ever use the CT license renewal location at the AAA office on Newfield Avenue in Stamford? It’s quick, easy, and no lines!!!

    • Didn’t know it existed. Thanks for the tip, Nasus. If I live that long, I’ll try it in six years. Although I must say, while Norwalk took 1 1/2 hours, the staff was quite nice. A young man I chatted up told me that in NYC, nothing can be done at their DMV in less than five hours, so I decided to count my blessings.