Groupon’s a bust

Half their customers won’t use it again. On June 11  I suggested here that Groupon’s founder was a fool to turn down someone’s (Google’s?) huge buy-out offer. I’d tried using it and found it pretty worthless and that was a consumer, not a small business owner who has to pay to participate. I didn’t buy Dunkin Donuts at $47 today and I’m sure not buying Groupon’s pending ipo. I wonder if anyone will?


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4 responses to “Groupon’s a bust

  1. Not So Anonynouse

    I’ve been using them for over a year It’s been really fun..I joined the Huntingtonm Library half price, took painting classes,bought an avacado tree,and sewing lessons for a friend.. What’s not to like?

  2. not so anonymouse

    perhaps I could buy some typing lessons as well

  3. Peeps

    I wish they could accept chec
    ks or cash on location. if you share credit card accounts, then it’s not much of a gift or sharing gesture to pay for things with a credit card account.

  4. No way I would buy…it is not unique, is easily replicated on a local level, and the marketing cost to keep getting customers back, let alone new ones, is staggering. And the merchants are starting to push back. And the goofy accounting is a whole other story.
    In a real estate perspective, just like Bill Raveis and Home-Link!