Maybe not stingrays but some whales have been harpooned

Brother Gideon reports that 19 houses priced at $5 million and above have sold or gone to contract in the past three months. Of course, that still leaves 157 houses in that price range in our inventory and I’ll be curious to match the original prices to their eventually selling price but still, there is movement. Looks like we have a 2 1/2 year inventory of these expensive houses and that’s long enough, so no more listings!

What I like to see are contract dates – how many went to contract in the past ninety days? I’ll go look.

(I’m back) Gideon used the same methodology I prefer: all 19 went to contract in the past 90 days. That’s an impressive amount of action.


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5 responses to “Maybe not stingrays but some whales have been harpooned

  1. Anonymous

    Mind sharing the address, listing price, and assessments for your curious readers?

  2. Chimney

    Isn’t that what killed the crockadile
    wrestler, Steve Irwin?

  3. So Greenwich

    CF — If you can tell me at 18 Coventry Lane, if you can. Saw it in the NY Times but can’t find it on line . . . inside sale? Ugly house, terrible location – what did it go for?

  4. anon

    oh come on, share all 19! we’re all dying to know! you finally have some real estate news for your real estate blog, and you’re too lazy to write about it?! WHAT??? That’s what your readers come to you for! Or can you tell us where we can access the information for ourselves? All your customers WANT TO KNOW!!!! You know the real estate market so well, but you need to better know your BLOG market!!! Come on, just tell us 😉 please?