Wag the Dog?

Libyan rebel leader murdered. All hell is breaking loose now, with the various tribes fighting over Libya’s oil wealth. This war is on Barack “Days, not Weeks” Obama, and I wonder what he’s up to? We’re now tangled up with yet another tribal war, but why? Khadafi is a petty dictator, sure, but there are dozens of those and Khadafi appeared to have been pretty much bottled up since Reagan bombed his tent. So why him?

I think the worst thing that happened back in 2002 is when, as I understand it, we had Bin Laden trapped in Tora Bora and let him escape because of State Department and White House interference.We could have killed him, kicked the Taliban’s ass and then gone home, 9/11 avenged. Instead, the geniuses in Washington came up with the idea of a never-ending war, expanded that war to Iraq and a decade later we’re still losing American kids while we attempt fruitlessly to root out a corrupt Afghanistan government and instill a modern society. A’int never gonna happen.

But that brings us back to Libya – why on earth did Obummer engage us in yet another war, what are his goals and more important, what are his motives? Beats me.


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6 responses to “Wag the Dog?

  1. Treepart

    Spot on about Tora Bora. Read Jawbreaker by Gary Berntsen. They let OBL go on purpose because if he were vaporized in the mountains the game would have been over. Obama is a sock puppet much to my disappointment. Spineless, indecisive, and misguided. Lead around by the nose by stronger elements in power, just like GW Bush.

  2. Major Webber

    when the saudis say jump…..your govt and its alies say…..how high?

  3. Why is Obama in Libya? You said it in the second line of your post — OIL !

  4. Daniel

    What would you do with the military if they were brought home?

  5. not so anonymouse

    I’m going to download The Keys To The Kingdom on my kindle… it’s fiction but it lays out how the Saudis supported at least two of the 19 plane hijackers in 2001.The Saudis seems to be more involved in the story than we are allowed to know. I think maybe Obummer wqas trying to make up for abandoning Iran’s spring uprising? what do you think?

  6. Anonymous

    delving eye, yes you’re totally right oil is the reason. i think we should remove all taxes on oil so we can all consume more oil and drive bigger cars. if we do that they the U.S. will have no choice but to stop pussy footing around and really take libya out and then drill baby drill. that would solve a lot of our problems. The U.S. is the only country that fights a war and then let’s the losers keep the oil. WTF. We went into iraq for the oil, we should keep it instead of allowing the new iraqi government to use the proceeds to rape little girls.
    no more gas tax, it’s un-american. let’s send our kids off to war and kick some butt, drill baby drill.