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The “best health care in the world” now refers patients to homeopathic medicine

Former Enron adviser and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman thus described the British National Health  Service. Well not only is the NHS now rationing operations, it is referring patients to homeopathic practitioners. Kids go deaf, diabetics lose their eyesight, cripples are denied hip replacements  and the rest of the citizens are referred to quacks who practice a “medicine” that even that most liberal of organizations, Consumer Reports, calls a crock of s***.

It’s fine if Whole Food housewives want to buy homeopathic medicines because, when their kids get truly sick, they can just cart them off to a hospital with real doctors. But if you’re English, and your only choice is to drink a bottle of sterilized water with a single (claimed) molecule of what ails you, you’re friggin’ doomed. This is the future Krugman and Obama have in mind for us.


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It’s Hans Isbrandtsen’s birthday today.

Not too late to send him, you know, dead flowers or something.


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All Greenwich High playing fields closed?

That’s what a reader, whom I trust and who has always been accurate before, writes me. Fear of pollution. Well hell, I played on those same fields 40 years ago and I’m still here, but that was then, this is now. Of course, we were also allowed to smoke in the Student Center back then (you had to go outside to do dope), so perhaps we were protected from lesser toxins.

UPDATE: What the hell are we doing to ourselves? When I was a kid, my father and even a science teacher at Riverside School both kept big jugs of mercury for us to play and experiment with – we’d roll it out, form it, play with it, experiment with it and learn from its properties, all without harm. Ten years ago or so, some kid at Eastern Middle School dropped a thermometer on the floor, spilled a teeny bit of mercury on the floor and the entire school was evacuated while haz-mat teams came in, sealed off the area and cleaned up a teaspoonful of the material. Mercury hasn’t become more dangerous but rather, our fear of everything has increased. This is just crazy. There’s no guarantee of complete safety in this world – witness Norway – and trying to squeeze out every perceived danger is both ludicrous and limiting. Go for the gusto.

UPDATE: so what now, we rip up the million dollars worth of artificial turf we just laid down (without, apparently, testing the soil we were covering)?  Well at least we could then move the fireworks back there. Maybe pave everything and make Greenwich the basketball center of Fairfield County?


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Obama solves the illegal immigration problem

With Mexico’s unemployment rate at 4.9% compared to our own 9.5%, easy credit and access to inexpensive education, Mexicans are flooding back home. What was that old expression from the Viet Nam war: “we had to destroy the village to save it”. Obama is doing that to our country, and God bless him.


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Norwegian cleric supports child marriages

(In deference to Muslim supporters, this blog has decided to convert all references to Muslims to “Norwegian”, in order to foster an understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism and acceptance of the grand caliphate that our friends in the Middle East would like to impose on us all.)

Marriage, even from the crib, A-Ok, says Saudi Norwegian big chief cleric Sheik al-Fawzen, with  a caveat:

“But it isn’t permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

Now that’s damn decent of them but, if we’re to be ruled by these people, I have a few questions:

Does “men” mean one at a time, or all together?

What if the husband uses his knees and elbows? Surely a three-year-old could withstand that weight, or does the Sheik rule this out? A girl would have to be at least five before she could bear the full weight of a camel reindeer raper, so must we wait an extra two years before enjoying our latest wife?

There are other questions, of course: must we be willing to plant bombs in our turbans and blow up fellow Muslims Norwegians?  Cut the throats of school girls? Etc., etc., but I’d like some answers to these marital issues first of all.


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A liberal disillusioned with Obummer

Why, the kid has never met tough opponents! Who would have guessed? Good thing he’s not charged with international affairs or we’d really be in trouble.


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Horse stall?

A fellow realtor is trying to help a friend find a place for her three horses by August 10th. I assume that (a) you can charge for this service and (b) that there ain’t no one looking for a commission on this. So if you have an unused stable or room for three more, either email me at christopher.fountain@gmail.com or just post away. Either way, I’ll pass it on.


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Proposed law would require your ISP to record your every keystroke

The House Judiciary Committee has approved a law that would require your internet service provider to monitor, record, and save for one year every key stroke you hit, every Internet site you visit or post on. I would think this is an intrusion on our civil rights and freedom of speech that anyone, conservative, middle-of-the-road or liberal, will object to. So what the hell do they do down there in Washington, other than dream up laws like this and redistribute money that doesn’t belong to them?


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Cuba will soon be drilling for oil 70 miles off the Florida coast

We, of course, aren’t allowed to. Obama would prefer Cuban oil ruin the Gulf and Florida beaches than American because, because, well, why?


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192 single family homes went to contract in the past 90 days, a slight improvement over 2010’s same quarter total of 180. I don’t have the prices yet, but certainly not a dead market.


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A tea party hobbit and proud of it

Senator John McCain yesterday described folks like me as tea party hobbits. But the hobbits were heroes, as noted here.  Out numbered, facing pure evil, they persevered against all odds and destroyed Mordor. That may be more than we modern-day hobbits can achieve, but why not try?


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