A liberal disillusioned with Obummer

Why, the kid has never met tough opponents! Who would have guessed? Good thing he’s not charged with international affairs or we’d really be in trouble.


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5 responses to “A liberal disillusioned with Obummer

  1. dollar bill

    You’re calling Bruce Bartlett,a GOP economist for Reagan and Bush, a “liberal.”? Dude, you really have drunk the Tea Party kool-aid!!!

  2. Towny

    “”I want a national heathcare care bill and I’ll leave it up to congress to figure it out””

    Obama’s only skill set as a community organizer was articulating victim hood and white guilt as bludeon organize.
    He allowed his minions to employ the same tactics in his presidential bid.

    A couple of years in the WH and I dont know how much more mileage he can get out of “rich whitey controls the purse strings.” Cause thats all he’s got in his bag of tricks.

  3. Bartlett grovels to the conventional, establishment received wisdom because he wants to ensure future beltway cocktail party invitations. That makes him liberal enough.

  4. Anonymous

    Another Obama whiz kid manning the Obama reelection twitter feed apparently cost the president more than 36k followers today following nonstop twitter blasts from his campaign account.

  5. dollarbill

    Greg: Bartlett calls Obama a center-right President in the Nixon mold. He’s absolutely correct about that. That assessment does not make him a liberal, any more than saying he “grovels to the conventional establishment wisdom,” whatever in the world that means.