Horse stall?

A fellow realtor is trying to help a friend find a place for her three horses by August 10th. I assume that (a) you can charge for this service and (b) that there ain’t no one looking for a commission on this. So if you have an unused stable or room for three more, either email me at or just post away. Either way, I’ll pass it on.


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10 responses to “Horse stall?

  1. xyzzy

    I’m not a member but I do know the hunt club in Fairfield houses horses for non-members.

    You might need to be sponsored by a member though.

  2. Anonymous

    i this there’s a glue factory nearby

  3. Call me

    Let me know if the horses all have the last name Noel because I would be glad to bed them down in my hay. I got room. Those fillies are pretty, you horse tooth jackasses.

  4. IDAHO

    $15.00/head/month. 300 acres.

    Oh, you mean in Greenwich, Never mind…….

  5. horsejock

    I know of the family and there is a story there.

  6. anonymous

    first world problems

  7. Isabella

    @Horsejock: What’s the story? I know of some decent places and would relay the info I have to people with a decent reputation.

  8. horsejock

    @Isabella: this family has been around the barn circuit here and in Bedford and know where they can go to board horses. Not a sport for the budget minded.

  9. horsejock

    PS: Parson’s Field in Katonah, where they used to be, is vacant. The trainer with whom they had issues is no longer there. The barn is zoned for three horses.

  10. Isabella

    @Horsejock: well if they know of boarding situations in the area I hope they find what they’re looking for. I don’t know of any rental situations, so I’m not much help in that aspect.