It’s Hans Isbrandtsen’s birthday today.

Not too late to send him, you know, dead flowers or something.


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15 responses to “It’s Hans Isbrandtsen’s birthday today.

  1. Jane

    I just had a lightning strike in my yard which resulted in an alarm which I couldn’t turn off. And then a visit from the Greenwich Fire Department. There is no fire here, but only because these lovely (and really handsome if I say so myself!) gentlemen really checked out the whole place. Really feel strongly that these men had my family’s best interests at heart. They were thorough and cautious. And really looked in every nook and cranny. So happy to have them on my side. They stayed until I got the alarm company on the phone and had NO attitude. They get a gold star.

  2. What is the beef with him?

    His daughter was a beauty. Why the negative dead flowers comment?

  3. IDAHO

    Isn’t that what they get paid to do?

  4. Hans died?

    Didn’t Hans die in 9/11 working for cantor fitzgerald?

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    So. If you are wishing this Hans guy a happy birthday, and you and this Hand Job guy shared birthday party’s when you were little…..hmmmm…..that must mean it is your birthday too!!! Deductive reasoning, Dude. It is why I was so successful on the Street!!!
    Anyhows, if my calculations are correct, and they always are, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD LOAD!!!
    Did you do anything fun? Get any cool gifts? How old are you? You still shitting solids or back to yellow?
    Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, and many more!!
    Your Pal,

    PS – Give his daughter my contact info.

  6. Horse Jock

    Ben Fisher not Hans died in 9/11 going back in to save people. Both IHYC sailors. Ben’s widow Susan is the Comodoress and Hans is Fleet Captain now.

    • Horse Jock – I hope it’s clear that I didn’t know of Ben Fisher, and that my light hearted response was referring to Hans being dead, not the loss of the Cantor Fitzgerald people.

  7. pulled up in OG

    So Hans ain’t one of your Norwegian Muslims, I guess. : )

    • Oh my yes, of course he is (although I’m pretty sure his family is from Denmark – same difference, eh?). How they converted to Islam is a fascinating story, although one that Hans has not shared with me, yet.

  8. Jon

    Thank you for helping us patrol the race course at the Island Beach Two Mile Swim yesterday.Didn’t know it was your birthday!

    I have a T-Shrt for You!

  9. Hans Isbrandtsen


    Thank you and everybody for your well(?) wishes! Chris sends me dead flowers because they cost less and because he knows that they will soon be that way anyway once they are in my house. He is just making things more efficient by cutting out an interim step!

    As far as a having a daughter, beautiful or otherwise, last time I checked I don’t have one. I do have 2 sons who are both in the Navy and Marines. I am not aware of any recent operations they may have had so I am pretty sure they are still sons. I will admit that all Scandinavians look alike to outsiders so I am afraid someone else’s beautiful daughter is unfairly being associated with me!

    Happy Birthday Chris!
    How about a candy buying spree reunion at Ada’s?

    • I was pretty sure you didn’t have a daughter Hans but I refrained from saying so, just in case … well, a port in every storm and all that. Isn’t one of your boys a SEAL? I’m sure you’re proud of them both, of course, as any father would be, but I just linked to the New Yorker article on the SEALS who brought down Bin Laden, which brought him (Jacob?) to mind. May they both prosper and stay safe and yeah, an Aida’s reunion is long overdue. Happy birthday, kid.