Norwegian cleric supports child marriages

(In deference to Muslim supporters, this blog has decided to convert all references to Muslims to “Norwegian”, in order to foster an understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism and acceptance of the grand caliphate that our friends in the Middle East would like to impose on us all.)

Marriage, even from the crib, A-Ok, says Saudi Norwegian big chief cleric Sheik al-Fawzen, with  a caveat:

“But it isn’t permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men.”

Now that’s damn decent of them but, if we’re to be ruled by these people, I have a few questions:

Does “men” mean one at a time, or all together?

What if the husband uses his knees and elbows? Surely a three-year-old could withstand that weight, or does the Sheik rule this out? A girl would have to be at least five before she could bear the full weight of a camel reindeer raper, so must we wait an extra two years before enjoying our latest wife?

There are other questions, of course: must we be willing to plant bombs in our turbans and blow up fellow Muslims Norwegians?  Cut the throats of school girls? Etc., etc., but I’d like some answers to these marital issues first of all.


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13 responses to “Norwegian cleric supports child marriages

  1. Coronel Klink

    They also claim that buggering men is completly exceptable as long as they are the ‘giver.’ The receiver on the other hand, according to islam, is lower than camel shit and rightfuly deserves to have his head cut off after the buggering takes place.

    Before their oil wealth was established, these fuckers were basiclly marginalized. Now these assholes are in a bid to control the world. As I stated in an earlier post , The saudis say jump and the american govt says how high.
    On a sobering note, these cretins are waging war all over the world. I can think of at least 25 counteries that islam is activly persuing warfare. Do you suppose if they were eliminated off the face of the earth, that they wouldnt be much more than a footnote in an obscure history book.?

  2. Anonymous

    i hope you are dong your best chris to keep these people out of greenwich.

    • Anonymous, as you might guess, my Muslim clients are wonderful people who are highly educated, tolerant people who have no interest in establishing some sort of domination here in America. In fact, I suspect they’re here precisely to escape the uneducated hordes in the old country.

  3. Roger Kaputnik

    There are no significant contributions attributed to the vermin.

    Also, if my dong was longer, would it be legal under their law for me to screw myself? People are always telling me to do that.

  4. Patrick

    Those comments sound a bit like Nazi Germany, although substitute a different group of people. While I don’t approve of their beliefs I’m not sure eliminating a group of people based on religion feels all that American.

    • I’m not calling for their elimination, I’m calling attention to what passes for main stream religious thinking in Saudi Arabia. My philosophy has always been to develop our own energy sources and let the Middle East go its own way.

  5. anon

    wow, CF, looks like you are enabling the EDL-type murderous loonies and really goading them on with tales of far-out loonies in the Gulf. FWIW (ha), I am a Muslim non-client, looking in Greenwich; needless to say, we won’t be calling you.

  6. You missed an opportunity to exchange Muslim for Norwegian in the last paragraph. And in your comment, above.

    Stay consistent! For your own good. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    don’t you worry klink, they will all get what’s coming to them, and will burn eternally.

  8. anon

    very funny! Why assume I’m male? I’m the wife (singular), we’re both bankers. We’ll see you in Greenwich, then, dearest CF.

  9. Anonymous

    muslim anon- i’m sure you will be welcome at any church in greenwich. michelle bachman’s husband has two companies here. one to convert gays and one to convert muslims. we do appreciate that you have already rooted out the gays in your religion though.