Bring us more mountain lions!

Escaped wild boars killing pets and chasing people in Sullivan County (New York).  Any pig will go feral in a generation or two, I believe (I generally trust my knowledge but maybe you shouldn’t and you may want to research this further) but these tuskers are escapees from game farms and are raring to go. They breed like rabbits, although the results are dramatically different.

In the south, pig hunting’s considered a great sport – don’t know what the status of these New Yorkers is – open season? Protected species? Certainly not the latter, I should think. Large caliber required.

UPDATE: Good article here on hunting these creatures. And I love the writer’s inclusion of this quote from one of my favorite authors:

I decided that unless I become a vegetarian, I’ll get my meat by hunting for it. … I’ve seen slaughterhouses, and anyway, as Sitting Bull said, when the buffalo are gone we will hunt mice, for we are hunters and we want our freedom.

—Thomas McGuane


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2 responses to “Bring us more mountain lions!

  1. John


    There is a wonderful game park, looking not shooting, in Goshen, CT on rt 4 not far from Mohawk Mtn. I saw some adult wild boar there a few weeks back and you would want some serious firepower to put one on your table. Google Action Wildlife for more info,


  2. Anonymous

    on the subject of recent rants, this is the most horrific thing