Destroying Northwestern communities for no purpose

No logging, no spotted owl, either. As a certified, back-packing tree-hugger, I am not in favor of polluting trout streams, wiping out forests or exploding the world in a nuclear war. But I also don’t like environmental regulations that destroy small towns and wipe out entire categories of jobs for no reason. The EPA did this when it shut down logging in the Northwest to “save” the spotted owl. I was out there in the early 70’s, when there was a vibrant collection of small towns and I’ve been back there since and seen the difference. Yet no one cares -pass another regulation.


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2 responses to “Destroying Northwestern communities for no purpose

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    You know what? It is easy to have an opinion on something when you have no skin in the game. Correct? Just go shit wherever, left and right, and ignore the spotted bowel. No skin off your nose, huh? AM I RIGHT!!
    But have you ever actually seen a spotted bowel? I think not!! And it is a frightening experience, my friend. I shit you not. You wake up, drop the pampers, and proceed to pinch your wake up loaf. Take a peek, and then you piss yourself!! I usually read the New York Post while I pinch my morning turd. What about you? Archie comics, I bet!! Or Penthouse, so you can kill two birds with one toss?
    But all kidding aside, a spotted bowel is not something to take lightly. And while the spotted bowel are most often found in the Pacific North West, they are closely related to a species we have here. The Greenwich Loud Mouthed Red Ass. And that is far from an endangered species. In fact, we are over run by them!!
    Anyhows, the EPA is doing us all a favor here. Spotted Bowel movement is not something to be flushed down the drain lightly, or treated like a Lincoln log floating on the seas of eternity.
    This is serious shit, Dude.
    Your Pal,

  2. IDAHO

    I have a front row seat on this one.. It’s not only the owls but also the caribou, grizzly bear and many others. Just this week the USFS gave up on having a large planned timber sale because it might be a grizzly habitat area. It’s not only the EPA but the lawyers clubs (Sierra Club )and others that are the problem! Our town had 4 sawmills now has one. About every other house has a For Sale sign on it and most of them have been there for a long time…….